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Happy After Freezin' Our Butts Off New Year,

Not literally in Tampa Bay but close to it.  Although it was 30 yesterday morning.  39 this morning, 59 and sunny now with a little wind.   Alexx, my advisor said it was -1 in  the city of Albany this morning, windchill of  -17.

I feel so sorry for those who got hit with that  bomb of a storm along the Northeast coastline.  Imagine your home flooded, frozen and no heat or power.  Ack!!

Businesss wise it's been pretty lean since last week.   Although I had a skype session and a hot adventure a bit ago.  We visited everywhere, GFE and PSE.   I sat on him for the Greek Island tour and drenched him.

Yesterday morning I met a young bbc for playtime.   HUGE equipment.  A dear friend shared him with her blessings.  Sorry to say cuckolds, he doesn't want you to watch  the two of us.   I was hoping he would!  But  it has to be his thing.

Planning on a pizza, beer, netflix hanging out with a friend kind of night.   The sheets are clean and who knows what will happen.  Another young friend wants to visit tomorrow evening.   So....personal life is just roaring along.  Wish the business was too although I'm supposed to see an old friend in Orlando Monday evening. 

Lauren and I saw him years ago in Chicago for a wild duo.  He kept yelling, "this is ridiculous, ridiculous!" over and over until the next door neighbor in our hotel started banging on the wall.  Lauren and I still laugh about that.

For my Irish friends....she's on her way to Dublin for a couple of weeks.  She's bringing my love and wishes to you.  Those of you who read this who have not met her.....you should.  www.ladyfemina.com  Stellar, worldly wise and beautiful!  A redhead now.  It's looks fabulous.

Please tell her you heard about her here.

So things are good.  Both of my kids seems to be doing better, becoming more self assured in who they are and what they want in life.  My sister is pissed at me right now but that's nothing new.  Families. lol

My family is here too.  Sometimes we get annoyed with each other and back away, knowing that we still have to be civil.  It's a small community.  You have to co-exist if not get along with everyone or you're cutting your nose off to spite your face.  One gal....who moved in here a few years ago thought she could screw people and cause trouble.  It took a while but karma caught up with her and she's gone.   It pays to be nice to everyone.  Really,  it's the old golden rule isn't it?  "Treat others as you wish to be treated."  Or "Love your neighbor as yourself."  Or "It costs nothing to be kind."   Wouldn't it be a better world if we all tried a little harder at doing any of the above.

As a know it all Leo I have to remind myself of those continuously.  I'm impatient when things don't happen in my time table.  I get impatient with people if they don't do things the way I do.  Or I did.  Thankfully that is ending.  But this last year has taught me a few lessons about friendships becoming more when it's the right time.  It just seems that they all waited until Dec. 31st.   Hmmm.....you know,  that was my Dad's birthday and it just dawned on me, HE might have had something to do with all that.   

I miss you Dad and I'm glad you're watching over me.  He was kind of a naughty guy so the apple didn't fall far from the tree.  He wants me to have fun but be safe.   Whether you believe that we have spirit guides or not,  those who pass before us,  everytime you think about them,  it's said it's because they ARE close by watching over you.  For my part, I know that's true and I'm thankful.

Life is good!  Love and Hugs!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, GILF and Goddess,


BIG PS....couples who swing...Trevor and I are available for you too!   Ladies, he's hot, hot, hot. Men, he's hot, hot, hot. Me.....well you know I sizzle.  (A little Leo humility there.)




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