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Good Morning My Darling Boys,

While it's overcast now in Land O Lakes, it's 70.  It was warm enough to sit outside on my patio with my coffee and my gratitude list and  be very comfortable.  The sun is supposed to come out later this afternoon.  I just might head to our pool for some sun.  

It's been a good week although a bit quiet.   A friend and I did a pizza, wine, football game, fun night Saturday.  Yesterday I made the trek over to Orlando to see a long time friend from Dallas.  I cannot begin to describe the traffic nightmare. And in the middle of it my GPS freaked out and stopped working.  I couldn't even activate Waze. (which I find almost useless anyway).  In frustration,  I called his hotel for directions and wound up there about 35 minutes late.

He's an understanding sweetheart but I was upset with myself knowing that my instincts to get off 4 at exit 64 were right even if my gps was telling me otherwise.  When I bought this car that in dash gps was a small fortune.  It's never been great and YES I update it.  But the car is paid for and I'm hoping to get several more thousand miles out of it before I trade it in.  I'd like a bigger, more comfortable riding car.  Something like a  used Cadillac or even a smaller SUV so trips to the store and my storage room aren't a major pain in the butt as they are now.

I'd love a  used Mercedes but forget it with the maintenance.  If my son were close by I'd do that as he works on them all the time.   His boss buys them at auction, he fixes them up and I could get a good deal but he's 10 1/2 hours away. Not practical.  While I'd love another Z it's  not practical  either for long trips or to Home Depot.  Although sometimes I feel like saying......screw practical! 

The rest of this week is looking exciting.  One of my younger friends is arriving tomorrow night and then we're meeting again Friday evening for a threesome with Trevor. 

Another Fetlife contact has written to me to film.  He has experience and we're going to discuss the possibilities.  Believe me when I say I will have plenty of time to play with you.  I've had my new hormone implant.  Need I say more?

I'm excited about my upcoming visit to Albany and also planning the Houston mini-tour and photo shoot with Renee Soigne February 17-20.  My Dallas friend and I tossed around my heading there after Houston.  IF he's in town then I'll do so, staying near the Galleria.  It's been a long time since I toured Dallas.  And I know I'd love seeing him again.

The last time I was in Dallas and he and I were playing all the fire alarms in my hotel went off.  Talk about distracting.  But I didn't have to leave the room thankfully.  Still, it scared the hell out of me.  And there was a tornado warning during that trip too.   It certainly was an eventful week.

But then again all of them are and that's what makes life so good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, GILF and Goddess,



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