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Hi Darling Boys,

It's not so nice here today. You're probably thinking I should not complain about 54 and drizzling but this place looks like a ghost town when the sun is gone and it's chilly.

No one wants to sit around the pool to freeze their nekkid selves.  I did not head to the jacuzzi last night, instead I'm binging on the BBC series with Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes.  He is my favorite Holmes but Benedict Cumberbatch grew on me when they reprised Sherlock on PBS and BBC.  

Viewing these, they seemed new.   That's  great actually.  Of course it's probably all the little gray cells that were diminished by too many martinis over the years. lol

So not so many martinis any more....most of the time.  However, I went to swinger's night Thursday night to meet my New Year's Eve friend for a drink.  It was a big mistake trying to drink with this guy.  He's 6'3" and he can handle them.  You'd never know when he's had too many.  But I tried a bit, paying for it the next morning.  We did have fun though seeing the club packed on a date night!  It is snow bird time but I'm always hopeful this place is beginning a come back.

Nothing much else titillating to report, sorry to say.  I was supposed to have a hot MFM playtime last night with Trevor and another friend of mine but the flu is raging throughout Tampa Bay.  People are really ill and my friend was also.  Trevor and I will reschedule for another time with him.  

I have found time to do yoga and head to the gym.  I have another Houston photo shoot in February and I really want to get slimmer and more toned for this shoot and my general health.  Thankfully, I don't loose much weight in my breasts when I'm trying to take off weight.  It's that tummy that I try to diminish but I've never had a flat stomach in my life.  Even at 124.  Yeah....I looked like I needed to eat something.  That would not be attractive at my age now.  

Guys are calling but they are either ignorant and won't read anything, rude because they don't respect us or resistant to screening.  Me...I'm holding out for my usual naughty gentlemen.  I have heard some awful stories from the girls in Chicago about physical and sexual abuse in the appointments and I'm not having that stuff!  I don't care how much money I might need, I'll be broke and I'll walk out the door.  These girls seem to think they have to take it to satisfy the client.  Unless he's been up front that he's a dom and it's that kind of session there is no excuse to treat any woman that way.  

So if screening eliminates business....so be it.  I have the most difficult time being sweet on the phone when someone asks me some inappropriate or dumb ass question when they answer is right on my ads or my website.  Sometimes....that New York Snot lashes back.  I am human after all. lol

Now that I'm sort of dating again I'm finding out that there really ARE nice guys out there in the dating world.  I was so closed off to that for so long I think I've been responding to every man who approaches me with skepticism and a closed mind.  When I decided I was going to venture into personal relationships, playmates, whatever you call it, I'm happy to say I'm attracting the positive kind of nice guy.  Who's still hot.  There's what I want. Someone who treats me well and doesn't play games. 

However, the lessons I've learned about trusting my true instincts as a provider have held me in good sted, dating.  One younger guy came up to me Thursday night.  Started the HIT ON and while he was handsome I didn't buy his line for a second.  I don' t go to swinger's night at our club to swing.  I go to be out, about, see friends, take the opportunity to don my slut wear and just have fun.   And I told him that.  I gave him my number because he says he films but when I told him I NEVER take anyone home the first time I meet them, he beat a fast retreat.  And you know he hasn't called.

I don't need Fuck and Runs in my life.  I love the fucking part but I want my friends to stick around after the fucking's done.  And it seems I've finally found those that will.  I'm liking that!

Life is good but I wish the flu season and the bad weather would be gone.  Bad for business.  However, it's giving me time to take good care of creating a better me. 

Albany, you're looking good but there's still plenty of time on my dance card.  Remember, if you book an adventure 48 hours in advance the donation is 50 bucks less. 

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



What I wore to the club Thursday night.



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