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Hello Boys,

Yes, I'm staying warm and thankfully I brought most of my plants in last evening.  It didn't begin to get above freezing until just a couple of hours ago.  North Florida had snow again last night.  The Southeast is covered in a blanket of snow and ice and temperatures won't get above freezing.  With not enough salt, plows, resources it's a major disaster for them.  My condolences. 

Of course I've watched idiots in 4 wheelers try and drive on the ice in Atlanta.  Doesn't matter what you have.  If it's icey and you drive too fast you're going in the ditch.  10 people have died already.

Here, in one county alone, 150 folks have died from the flu.  Everyone is sick....really sick.  I think my flu shot has saved me so far.  But I've had 3 colds since last fall.   Never happened before in my whole life.  Still, I'll count myself fortunate.  Some thinking is that Irma stirred up all kinds of biological crap and we're all  paying for it in Florida.  One of my medical friends thinks the stress of it added to ill health.  Maybe both?  That's stuff you don't think about.

I've been trying to line up a personal threesome for last Friday night and then rescheduled for this Friday night. First one fell ill, now the other.  It will just have to wait until after I return from Albany.  Such is the hardship of a naughty gal. 

I had another Orlando visit this week and today and tomorrow old friends are visiting.  I think we've turned the corner on the "I'm broke after Christmas" doldrums.  Albany is looking good but I still have more moments available.  If you are sitting on the fence about pre-booking I'd suggest you get off it and fill out my Reservation page at Reserve Me.  Remember, 50 off the donation if you reserve 48 hours in advance.

And that's not a phone call, "Anneke I'd like to see you in Albany."  It's completely filling out the Reserve Me page.  If you don't want to screen then go see someone who doesn't.  Just remember SHE could be a cop.  The best gals in this business are adamant about screening.  

Enough of that.  Personally it's been an emotional week.  Not a bad week, just filled with ups and downs before the New Moon.  But true to form, I kept plugging away at my daily gratitude list refusing to be down or out of sorts.  Yesterday I lined up the sage and the candles and first cleansed the house of all negativity. Then I lit a bunch of different colored candles.  For protection, health, money, travel, love and relationships.  If figured I'd better cover all the bases after such a crappy week.  lol  Alexx always posts a suggested ritual for each moon ritual.  Yes, it's a pagan, native american and wiccan ritual combo.  But I'm not a witch.  I'm a mixture of Christianity,  Buddist, Hindu, Wiccan and the Law of Attraction.  

And I made my inlist of what I wanted and needed in my life.  Speaking it aloud and then burning the list.  

Even if you are shaking your head in disbelief it's still good to keep short accounts of your life.  Men tuck things away in those compartments in their brain most of the time, rather than deal.  It's healthy to put that stuff out there to the universe and move on.  Which is what I do at the full moon...put the past behind.  And at the new moon, state the intent for the future.  

It wasn't but an hour or so that I received a private message at Fetlife.com  It's a network tool for me but every once in a while my deepest desires still come to fruition from there.  Even though my profile is NOT a personal one.  All business.  But I found Trevor there and he is a joy and a delight.  Personally and professionally.

This one was personal.  Highly intelligent, articulate, knowing who he is and what he wants AND a dom. Oh oh.  NO doms for me.  But I felt something in the words and read between the lines.  And so, we're still communicating.  An hour and a half on the phone.  I mainly listened.  But true to my Leo nature, I got my points in that I was NOT submitting to anyone.  Not possible after a long, abusive marriage. I've worked too long and too hard to become my authentic self.  A dominant woman with an affectionate and highly sexual nature. Equals...yes.  Sub....hell no!

He sent a pic.  Drop dead handsome.  Of course, this isn't my first rodeo so all the above and the picture could be fake.  Time will tell.  I already sent the photo to Alexx.  He said,  "he looks passive."  Which is what I heard.  Maybe not passive but considerate and a gentleman.  We'll see won't we?   In the D/s world there are all levels of relationships.  It sure won't be boring if it gets to the relationship level.

The good thing is that I have YOU.  It really does help me keep my perspective.  I'm not sexually needy and the friendships we have formed make a rich rainbow in my life.  I consider myself very blessed to be in the profession.  

So, while I might not have another wild threesome tomorrow night I have my Albany boys waiting for me.  If any of you have a friend you'd like to bring along......just whistle. 

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, GILF and Goddess,


From a  March 6th, 2006 photo shoot in London.  Totally unretouched. 




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