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Hello My Boys,

It was a sunny day today but I spent ALL of it in the hair salon.  My all time favorite colorist and stylist, Alison, is here in Albany.  If you don't know what it is I go to Aveda salons.  All natural products.  Seems the best for me.

However, I've been to two Aveda salons in Florida and they suck.  Over the past few months I've been shuffled from one inept stylist/colorist to another resulting in a nightmare hair color this last trip.  I called Alison and she scheduled me in to do a color correction.  I kid you not when I tell you it took all day.  From 10am to 4:20pm.  That's how much of a mess it was. 

Happily it's perfect.  And it matches my extensions better than any ever has.  So while I've a lot less money in my wallet it's beautiful.  You get what you pay for. The good part is she comes to Tampa once every 4-6 weeks.  So I'll start seeing her when she somes down.  And she wants to come to the resort with her friends.  I will be a hero bringing a bunch of cute 20 something girls. 

I have had no time for adventures today.  Especially the idiots from Backpage.  Here's a great one...a text "How a car date bj?"  I kid you not.  It's so degenerated to the internet for streetwalkers.  But remember, it was an experiement here and despite over 100 calls and texts not one enounter.  Thank goodness! 

But it continued to be an absolutely stellar week with the best folks so I am a very happy but starting to be tired camper.  6 nights on the road would tire any road warrior.  So tonight, I went to my Greek place for dinner and jazz. But not for long.  I'm tired and I'm watching Netflix, Penny Dreadful, weird,weird, weird but very sexy beyond the gore.  So of a vampire Game of Thrones.

I'll pack up in the morning and I'll be back in Tampa by 5:25pm.  My all around handy man and old neighbor is picking me up.  

It was the perfect trip.  I had fun, did exceptionally well and took even better care of me.  Now, it's back to being serious about getting ready for the camera in Houston in February.  There...Feb. 17-20.

Tampa....honestly...where are you?  If it weren't for the business travelers I'd be wondering about you.  I know there's NO one else like me there.  It must be you're all seeing the young ones whose donation is even higher then mine.  Or car dates?  God....I sure hope not.

If little Albany can step up to the plate why can't you?

I'm looking forward to getting home and playing in the fantasy room.  I have some NEW toys.

Life is good!  No....it's great.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


What I do for you.




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