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Hello Darlings,

It was nippy again here this morning.  Not really warm enough to  sun tan but the snow birds are still lying out in the chill air all greased up, wondering why they are not tanning.  It has to be above 62. 

Still, it's warm enough to jump in the jacuzzi and the conversation pool.  That's the big drawl on a chilly day here.

While I've done stuff with friends here since my return I have not had one adventure.  Not even a personal one.  I have a dear male friend here who's found Tinder and even traveling the world as he does he's been dating his ass off since he joined.  He arrives in a new country, turns on his phone and the hits start coming.  I'm thinking about it because I'm getting bored. 

I have NO idea what is wrong here in Tampa for biz. When I tour I'm busy.  Here....nada.  Even my old friends aren't showing up.  Or they call when they are 10 minutes away with no notice.  I don't think it's reasonable to expect that I arise in the morning, do my hair, makeup, don lingerie and sit around waiting for the phone to ring.  Maybe if I worked in a brothel but that's sure not they case.

So it's time for change.   I joined a local yoga studio today in addition to my own private practice at home.  I'm pushing myself in the gym. I just started reading "How to Create a Bug Free Mind" by Andy Shaw.  I've seen this book's teaching really change lives.  Not like the self help books that promise overnight success and statistically  0.01% do actually see their lives improve.  Me....I'm happy with life but I want to be MORE connected and untune with spirit and the universe.  

I can change the hairdo, lose weight, revamp the image,blah, blah, blah but to me, change that matters comes from deep within.  Thankfully I have friends who live here that are on the same quest so there's a built in support group, so to speak.  

So while I'm sporting a bit of a new look I'm excited about plugging in and becoming more in tune with what is going on around me.  And that can only benefit you my darlings.

I am still thankful and grateful for my life as it is.  Another gal in this profession called this past week to tell me she has cancer.   She's more concerned about getting back in shape after the surgery than she is surviving.  That though hasn't even crossed her mind, that is how confident she is she'll be okay.  I've put her on my prayer list.  If anyone is going to make it she will.  But it IS a reminder that each and every day we are given is precious.

So....I want to starting filling mine to the brim right here in Tampa North.  Because....life is good.

Love and Kisses!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, GILF and Goddess,


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