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Hello Bad Boys,

It's kind of a dismal morning here.  Grey, damp but it's supposed to be a high of 72 and overcast.  No suntanning for the snow birds today.  But a perfect day to pop in and out of the jacuzzi and the conversation pool.  There's a swinger's party in the club tonight so I suspect it's still going to be busy around here.  I'll go if I don't have an adventure.  There might be an opportunity for some naughtiness there.  You just never know.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Wednesday evening I wandered down for a couple of cocktails and the jacuzzi.  Running into someone I'd been introduced to a ways back.   Late fifties, great shape, retired military and hot.  We did a little fooling around in the conversation pool but he had to "get some work done that evening" after I informed him I didn't take anyone home the first time I met them.  He said, "we've met before."  Yeah, like hello.  I said, "that didn't count."  When he dove under the water to lick my pussy I stopped him.  We both could get thrown out for that now.  The policies here change from day to day upon the whim of the owner.  We don't really know what we are here anymore.  It's obvious the owner hasn't a clue. We're all shaking our heads, those of us who are long timers.  Amazingly he has NO plans for any kind of Super Bowl party for the members.  Yes, I can go sit at the outdoor bar but there's nothing special planned.  I may as well stay home and watch it myself.  Want to join me?

We have swinger parties but the "late night" fooling around in the pools is now frowned upon.  I, for one, have no intentions of going to the hotel rooms provided as play rooms.  It's not a pretty sight and I'd rather flirt and play a bit in the club or the pool than get bare assed naked and f--- someone in front of everyone else.  Since they're not paying to watch me.........it's self explanatory.  

I prefer private personal tete a tete's and they need to take the time to get to know me.  I am just not into one and done here.  I am gifted for those.  Besides, he never asked for my number for when he returns.  A sure sign that was all he wanted.

But I do have friends who are lovers and one visited last night.  He's also the cutie I partner with in Tampa.  We do have the hots for each other but we also enjoy each other's company so we probably spend more time talking than we do f-----.  And that part of our time is excellent always.  He is just so adorable and a class act.  I am really happy HE is my partner in naughtiness too. 

The Houston shoot is coming up soon and I'm trying to prepare for it.  I spent a lot of time looking at the Paleo diet vs the Ketogenic diet yesterday.  Beyond what you eat....the science behind it.  I can't give up dairy and I always do better with a high fat, protein, low carb eating program than one high in vegetables then meat and lower fat.  I just can't stay on it.  So we'll see how this works.  It's very similar to Atkins but even higher fat.  And coffee/caffeine as a metabolism raiser is encouraged so I'm happy about that.

One luscious option: Hot freshly brewed coffee,  a dab of grass fed butter, a half a tablespoon of cocoa. Unsweetened 100% cocoa.  There's no sugar on the plan.  Some stevia, a dash of pink himalayan salt and all goes in the blender.  You can also add MCT oil but I've yet to buy it. It's absolutely yummy.  And gets that extra shot of coffee/caffeine without churning up your stomach with the acid in coffee by itself.   I'm going to have to take some of the ingredients with me when I travel.  You can always get butter at the breakfast bar in the morning.  

NOTE: I"m seriously thinking of having an incall hotel near the Tampa airport once a month.  It's a jaunt up here and these guys all seem to be last minute.  Of course, there has to be time for screening so unless I know you AND I have the time....that's not possible.  Yes it's an expense but driving to another city is also.  I think it's worth a try.  It will only be for a couple of nights so those of you that already live north....I'll still be available in my playroom.  I can always head back up to accomodate you.

I'm seeing this as kind of a vacation/work opportunity as I'll stay near the water.  And restaurants.  If I can get a good rate, why not?

So stay tuned to the calender....I'm thinking of next week, the 6th-8th.  Let me know if that appeals to you.  That's a Tuesday  - Thursday.  Perfect for those that need a little afternoon delight or a nooner but sooner in the mornings on their way to work.  Of course, if you book that 48 hours in advance you can deduct 50 from my donation.  Your feedback would be highly appreciated.

I'm off to the gym soon and  the market to get the things I need for my program.  All the carbs in my fridge and pantry got tossed yesterday.  I couldn't cheat if I wanted to.  Thankfully, I can still have an occasional martini or prosecco.  Note I said occasional.  Too much stops ketosis.  The essential state to be in to lose weight.  That doesn't mean you can't have a cocktail when you visit.  There is always booze in my incall. wink

I'm looking forward a a faubulous weekend and week ahead.  Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, GILF and Goddess,


Know what I should wrap those around?  


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