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Hi Darlings,

48 this morning when I awakened.  Too chilly for my journal on the patio.  I've been putzing around doing laundry, ads, emails, verifications and the usual stuff of each day.  I'm always amazed when evening comes and I wonder what I did.  But this is a small business just like yours.  However, I'd guess a whole lot more fun.

We're all wandering around in circles in this community of working gals wondering what happens next.  Me, I went into this site and edited the obvious.  For the most part.  I'm sure, over the weeks and months ahead I'll have to do more.  Probably remove the strap on photos and any nude content.  Although that's mostly just on the members section.  

I've written to my webmistress and some advertisers.  They are all sorting this out.  It may be all our websites will have to be hosted on off shore servers as our advertisers, at least most of them, already do. 

My friend that I filmed with this week suggested I seriously consider moving to London.  If I could, I'd do that in a heartbeat.  That was my favorite place ever to work. But it's SO expensive and Tina, the owner of  last told me that the English men thought American girls visiting only cared about biz.  So untrue for this gal.  Moving there is out of the question but it's tme to revisit working there. 

I think we can get through this and it's also likely that the courts will throw this out or it will be watered down.  98 Senators voted for this.  Rand Paul, a libertarian and one other, who I don't recall, did not. 

On the surface it all sounds great.  Ending slave trafficking and sexual exploitation.  However, I've never been trafficked or exploited.  I'm a freakin' grandmother for heaven's sake.  I know my own mind.  What IS behind this is a naive attempt to end prostitution at any level.

It ain't gonna happen.  It will just go underground and it will be less safe.  However, ONE result I have noticed from the demise, or should I say the deterioration of Backpage ads is that gents are finally wising up, spending some time using search engines and finding me on the best sites. last.  So perhaps, behind all this there is a silver lining.  And maybe, just maybe, more men will begin to respect and appreciate the good gals and start complying with our requirements.  One can hope!

This service is a privlege not an entitlement.  We gals take incredible risks to offer it to you.  WAY more than you do. If you are discreet and chose wisely you're safe.  We have to weed through all the perverts, abusers, scam artists AND our own law enforcement system to find you.  It's far easier to find our history than yours.

It's time everyone on both sides of this appreciated what is at stake and do their best to be their best and offer their best.  In the end, everyone benefits and no one is hurt. Nor are personal relationships destroyed.

It's going to be interesting to see how long it takes before the USA can come to terms with this level of acceptance.  I'm afraid....decades. is good and I'm excited about the future.  Fosta/Sesta or not.

Your Continuously Naughty Gal, Goddess and Grandma,


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