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Hello Darling Boys,

It's 48 in Florida this morning.  I'm pretty much all packed but don't have to get on the road until later this morning.  I'm allowing lots of time to get to my destination for this evening.

I hope you've had time to read my little email burst.  Some suggestions  below that YOU can start putting in place if and when this new law goes into effect.

1. Get a burner cell phone for this and only use it for this.  

2. Encrypt your email. 

3. Do a google search about VPN.  Tip for adults: Be sure to use a VPN access when you are on streaming websites or adult sites!

4. Think about using a TOR browser.

5. Don't store photos on the cloud.

6. Be prepared to do things much differently.

7. Expect that we will HAVE to do things differently to stay safe.

8. Don't find girls who ignore all the above because it's easier.  Once this law goes into effect see people you know.

I'm not going to talk here about what I will need to do.  A lot!  If there are any of you in Tampa or Albany that are familiar with the above and would be willing to help me in the transistion please contact me.  We can come to an arrangement or it can be fee paid.  

I think it's prudent right now for me to post less here and when I do to keep it very general.   I may have to host offshore and I may have to make this site password protected for members only. NOW maybe you realize how easy it's been for you in comparison to what could be ahead.

Bottom line....I'm not going to let them  put me down.  It's not too late for you to call/write your Senator and Congressman to protest.  Those bozoos aren't smart enough to keep track of who does anyway.  If they were, this piece of crap legislation never would have been passed. NO sex workers were ever consulted.  They went into this with blinders on.  Just like everything else they do in DC.  And I bet not one of them stops seeing their favorite provider. 

As the great parliamentarian Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”   This law does not stop exploitation or trafficking.  In fact, it only drives this business underground and make the girls less safe.  Term limits folks!!!

So, while I'll miss staying in touch in a naughty way here frequently, prudence says ease up kiddo. I am NOT taking this site down. Just be aware that if it does go down, I didn't do it.  Please save my number and in the future I might have a new one.  If we're smart about all of this we'll survive and thrive.

Life is still good. Just a little trickier.

Love and Hugs,


Everyday Me 3/23/2018 on my patio. 

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