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Hello Darlings,

It's 64 in Norcross and while a high of 72 is expected it's looking like rain is on the way.  I turned my 518 phone off last evening and put the alarm on the 813 nunber.  Except for the call of nature at 5 am I slept the night away.   Constant calls and texts all night long the previous night left me feeling exhausted and hollow eyed yesterday as I drove down from Greenville. 

One more night of good rest and I'll be caught up tomorrow morning.  It's quiet here. But it is Holy Week and not unexpected.  Things are still good though and it's been a worthwhile trip.   

When I get home I have to do my taxes even though I file an extension for my business and personal.  I don't want to drag all that stuff to Albany and even if I did I'd probably still not have it all.  So.....nose to the grindstone this week and get it out of the way.

Chicago is April 17-21 and I leave for Albany April 26th.  Not much time left in Land O Lakes and the nudie resort.  Maybe I'll have a little get together of friends before I go.

The witch hunt continues.  Craig's list personal ads are gone because of fears of prosecution with the Fosta/Sesta bill heading to become law.  Even Fetlife, which is mostly  kinky people wanting to have fun is talking about shutting down.  It's ordinary folks wanting to express their fetishes and fantasies in a like minded environment,  not all professional dominas and doms.  THIS I am surprised at.  The hypocrisy of this situation is astounding. 

People,  our civil liberties are being impacted in a way no one foresaw.  Even I did not see this possibility.  Speak up, speak out.  Even the LGBTGQ community is worried.  

I am transistioning from the old email to in a gradual manner. Right now, you can reach me at both .  But if gmail becomes unavailable please make a note that you WILL be able to find me at .  

In the meantime....stay in touch and save my numbers.  While this all seems alarming I am not alarmed.  I know Who cares for me and I will survive and thrive.  "No weapon formed against me shall prosper." Isaiah 54.17. 

Life is still good!

Love, Kisses and Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Week,




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