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Update;   Switter

This is a new social media, uncensored site hosted in Austria, based on Mastodon.  It's like twitter but it's community owned.  You know who can't take it down either.  But do your homework.          Go take a look around.  It's going to be growing rapidly I'd guess.

You can find me there .

ALL my email is transistioning rapidly to Please change it in your info from gmail. 

I'm looking into registering my domain names in the Netherlands and hosting my site there also.  I will keep you posted frequently. my numbers and new email safely away from prying eyes.  518 258-0866  and 813-947-1971

Don't count on Eros being around forever....sorry to say.  This is not going to help the exploited or trafficked one bit!  This  is a female Democratic Senator from California who got this going.  

Do your homework, buy a burner phone and be smart.  We WILL survive and thrive!

Life is always good!

Your Getting Mad but Still Happy Gal, GILF and Goddess,

Anneke week be looking for a new web cam site I will be on that will make it easy for us to meet. When it's ready to go I'll post the details here.


What I think of our law makers in DC!  Sorry if you're offended. 


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