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Dear Friends,

I'm back in Tampa and it seems good to be home.  I have a Skype session at 3pm.  I hope there will be more.   Read below.  This is from the new Camming site I am going to work with.  Well, that was the plan. In case you didn't know, Facebook, Microsoft, tech companies, etc. supported the passage of Fosta/Sesta. 

"Changes to the Microsoft Skype Terms of Service

As you are probably aware, Microsoft recently announced changes to their Skype terms of service. The most important change as it relates to you and CMD is that they will no longer allow content on their platforms (including Skype, Windows Live Mail, Office 365 and One Drive) that includes nudity, pornography, offensive language, graphic violence, and other adult material. This change goes into effect on May 1 2018. Microsoft has stated that they do not and will not monitor all Skype users' video calls, voice calls or chats. However, if someone reports an account for violating these terms, they may review the Skype content history of a user to determine if a violation has occurred. Violations of these terms may result in the termination of the user's account."

Right now CMD uses Skype as it's platform but they have sent a letter to us saying they are looking at offshore platforms.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  Did you sign that petition yet?  While this is above is not under the purveyance of the bill it's all leading in the same direction. Censorship. 

On a more positive note, it's beautiful, 80's here in  Tampa Bay.   I had an easy drive down I-75 from Valdosta this morning.  I had dinner at last week's steak house and then drove over to his location.  While he was going to get some more beer from his truck, ( do not laugh), I stepped into the shower to freshen up.  It was coated in a layer of something slippery and down I went.  Fortunately, I didn't kill myself or break anything but I have a huge hematoma on my left leg and some nasty bruising on the inside of my right arm.  I bruise at the drop of a hat anyway.  

Fortunately, I could carry on and he was happy.  Leaving me with the room for the night.  I'm a little stiff and sore today but it could have been so much worse.  Then driving down  75 some young man in the middle lane decided to go left into me in the passing lane....fortunately again....I pulled as far left as I could before he finally saw me.  Phew!   My guardian angel has been working overtime the last few days and I know it!  And I'm very thankful!

It was a very good and worthwhile trip even though things and traffic slowed to a crawl in Atlanta.  Hey, Holy Week in the Bible belt.  It means something to me also. 

I just chilled and worked on what I need to do to keep myself going as Anneke.  Please, please, please, save my numbers, 518 258-0866, 813 947-1971 and my email AnnekeVanBuren@protonmail.com .  If you have the old one remember it's not encrypted. annekepleasures@gmail.com

I honestly don't know how search engines are going to be impacted.  Are THEY going to go after that too?  If they don't. you should still be able to find me.  If they do I  honestly don't know what will happen.

I will register new domain names tomorrow in the Netherlands, just in case.  They are very available for AnnekeVanBuren or annekepleasures.  Anything but .com. 

And that's all I can do.  There is no point in worrying about this, just being proactive.  You too!  

I'm being positive that we'll all survive and thrive and have lots of O's.  Oops,  probably shouldn't say that either.

Your Always Going to Be Naughty Girlfriend, GILF and Goddess,


PS...Trump has 10 days to sign Fosta/Sesta.  If he does not, it's a pocket veto.  Let's hope for that!

My dinner companion last evening.  Caught in Valdosta, 12' 3', 550 lbs.  Austin Cattle Company, Exit 16, Valdosta, GA  Laid back, casual,  really good steaks, prime ribs and everything else.  Cheap! A happy hour cocktail was $2.80. Swear!

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