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Hello Boys,

It's 68 and sunny with a high of 81 forecast today.  I took my banged up self down to the jacuzzi last evening, big martini in hand and chatted with old friends.  Monday nights are Wii bowling.  I am not making this up.  It's packed.  

So my plans for a social life when I get to Albany are two fold.  I'm going to join a service club, it shall remain unnamed and establish a small, hand picked lifestyle group.  Attractive, like minded people to play with.  Single males, females and open minded couples.  Yeah, I know.  That's going to take time.  

I spent too much time alone in Albany before and I'm not going to let that happen again.  I'll also be hitting the Friday and Saturday morning garage/yard sales there to furnish the new digs. I LOVE doing that. 

ALBANY.....Be prepared for a fairly empty place when you first visit.  Oh...don't worry the important element will be in place....and it will be new.  I'm torn between buying a memory foam mattress or a firmer one.  If you've ever played on a memory foam mattress you'll know what I'm talking about.  However, I will spend more time sleeping and it's better for me doing that so it will probably be a memory foam one.

I'm bringing sheets, towels, my kitchen knives of course, a skeleton cupboard of dishes, glasses, silverware, utensils, etc.  I am so damn much stuff here it won't be missed.  Clothes, coats, slut wear will probably fill up the trunk.  I'm sure the car will be packed but it will be fun picking and chosing what I want up north. 

Okay, the latest.  The last couple of days I've been trying to edit my Eros ad.  Getting nowhere.  The last time this happened they had been raided by Homeland Security.  I don't know if they are on their way out or it's a glitch but attempts to contact support are going untended. All I get is an auto message.  SAVE my numbers! 

Here is another "list" of things to do to stay under the radar and safe.  Many are just for some of us girls but some can apply to you.  https://survivorsagainstsesta.org/2018/03/24/tech-safety-tips-from-theharlotadvocate/

THE LIST  It's long. Or bookmark the link above and save it for when you do have time to read it.

I’ve been approached & questioned heavily my thoughts on FOSTA… Here is a step by step guide on how to stay safe if advertising avenues are shut down.. Provider & Contributors just read #retweet & do exactly what is listed below!

Commit an entire day from your calendar to follow these steps. Then bring a bucket of green tea, water, coffee, a bottle of two of wine to set the mood cause it’s a lot of work.
Log into your current email & start to organize. Listing in this order the A) The Contributors/Providers States. B) Which Contributors/Providers Have Been Seen & Safe. C) Which Contributors Are Just PreScreened. D) Who is Professional. E) Who Is Not. F) Who is Blocked.
Open 2 Proton Mail Accounts. A) One for professional business name. B) Second for recovery email. Or use the amazing @SafeOffice because they are literally that awesome!
After you have organized your original professional email into those folders… Transfer that information them over to the new professional email accounts I have listed above that you have made for yourself.
Yes it is a ton of work but trust me your email and organizing is your absolute best option for maintaining clients & contributor relationships. “If it’s based overseas you are good to go.”
Make an announcement to the clients that you are closing your old email accounts associated within wonderful USA & if you so choose send them to your new email address.
Go to each of your advertisement platforms that are based in the US and remove any and all special keywords that can be associated with sex work. Such as uncheck that incall/outcall, roses, gfe girlfriend etc, pricing unless on your website.
Treat each US based advertising platform as a profile for strictly dating.. Like think your looking for a breath taking “dating profile.” Keep that thought, and write your content appropriately.
Go on your twitter and social platforms and clean house. Remove anything and everything that can or will be perceived as a worker verses a dating profile. This included comments, DM messages, paid profile links, etc that allude to worker status verses dating status.
Contributors This Is For You. No MORE DMs.. You need to approach only through email… That’s it.. Do not waste a dating profiles time when you are just seeking an emotional connection.. This puts them at risk. Stop it and keep it professional.
Girls with phones…. We all have them or used too. DO NOT USE YOUR PERSONAL PHONE FOR ANY WORK PURPOSES. You have two phones for two reasons you do not ever mix the two. One is for booking dating spots, one is for checking your grocery lists.
Girls with phones.. USE A VPN AT ALL TIMES. Keep it on the minute that phone is on and the minute that phone is off. That simple! Your preferred form of contact should always be email, from the new email you have provided.
When posting photo pictures from your cell phone.. Keep that VPN ON. Make sure you always always screenshot at least 5-6 times, zooming in, and posting it then.
Providers DO NOT POST cell phone pictures from the hotel you are staying at unless there is nothing that identifies that room. Still for me personally it’s a huge no no hence I don’t do it.
Providers & Contributors quit tagging the location where you are at while you are still there. That is just blatantly putting it out there!
Discretion is key to staying busy. Supporting one another is the key to keeping safe. Avoid the drama like the plague. Follow all my steps listed above and you will be good to go!


I've added VPN.  Google that if you don't know what it means.  It's now on my computer and I'm also adding it MOST importantly to my phones. Actually everyone should have this is they pay any bills, buy things, bank, online.  

I know you're probably drowning in too much information but trust me, it's important.  If Trump does a pocket veto, it still will be wise to have all this in place.  (fingers crossed) They will just rewrite another bill.

Life is good.  A little more complicated but still good.

Love, Hugs and Kisses,



Posting this while I still can.  lol


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