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Hello Darlings,

If you were on my mailing list you already have some of the straight skinny.   If you are not, TER and Backpage are gone.  All of us girls are scrambling.

So here's what I suggest to be proactive if you find my site is gone. 

Go NOW and prescreen if we've never met and you think you'd like to in the future to www.annekepleasures.com and cut and paste the form and send your info to:

AnnekeVanBuren@protonmail.com   SAVE THIS! I'm doing a  new contact list there.  It's encrypted. NO one but I can ever see it. 

If the site is gone...email the following info below. 

Full REAL Name


contact phone

age and physical description

city of residence

Where you'd like to meet and for how long.

Reference 1....website, email and when/where you saw her within the last year.

Reference 2...same info      do not just send me a name and expect me to find here.

Contact those references and ask permission for them to verify you.

Verification site...if they are still up....member name/number, etc  etc. p411 or rs-avs.

Employment info if you have NONE of the above. 

If we've already met send me a reminder of when/where to the above email.  I'll add you to my contact list.  Once again....NO one can see the list but me.

Call me at 813 947-1971  with that same info or to book an appointment.  THAT PHONE HAS VPN.  My 518 does not yet.  Damn apple! Or just leave an innocuous message at 518 258-0866 and I'll call with the other number.

Smartest....is to email.  AnnekeVanBuren@protonmail.com

Get a burner phone.

I have emails into my webmistress about what she intends to do but she's slow on the draw.  New domains and possibly offshore hosting soon. 

This is absolutely ridiculous that we have to do this in "the land of the free and the home of the brave." BUT we'll figure a way to outsmart the b-----s.

Life is still good!

Love Hugs and Kisses from Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,



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