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Good Morning Darlings,

It's cloudy and 66 now with a forecast of rain this afternoon and a high of 79. Steamy.  To my delight both of my orchids on my patio have begun to bloom. 

It's a good day to work on setting up my new camming home and finishing my taxes.

www.theeroticreview.com is still accessible if you have VPN.  Mine is www.nordvpn.com  Proton mail offers one as do many others.  You just have to choose a European location to access TER there.  Yes, the ads for the girls in the US are gone but we all can still comment on the discusson boards.  That way, the guys and the gals are aware of who is still around.

Many are using the TOR browser.  I've had it for years and have given it a trial run to see if it still works.  It does but it's SLOW.  As all of these apps are because they are rerouting and changing your IP address and location.  A good thing.

The date last night was sexy and fun.  But he had to go home even though he wanted to spend the night.  Moi, I'm so used to sleeping alone that it was not a problem.  Plus,  I rewatching all of the Inspector Lewis series on Britbox on Amazon.  Love BBC productions.  

My sis and I are okay now and she recently got hooked on Downtown Abbey reruns.  She and her hubby love it.  I wanted to say I told you so but she is NOT the person to do that to.  Quite an incredible woman, recently giving a talk on raising Monach butterflies and showing the video she made while doing so.

Can you picture me doing that?  Nah....I'd be making a porn film.  I do have a new partner awaiting my Albany return.  He is a heavy cummer and calls himself the Zac Efron of porn.  He's only going to film with GILF's.  He's had his fill of working with the young ones. Prefers us elders.  LOL

Yes, these last few weeks have been extremely stressful and challenging.  I've had to blow the cobwebs off the little gray cells learning all this stuff and trying not to panic.  There are thousands upon thousands of Backpage girls who have lost their only income.  Many have families to support.  It's not so easy to say, go get another job, before you even  think it.  On top of it all, the aid that was available to sex workers in financial trouble is drying up.  This government is heartless.

What can you do to help right now?  It's simple.  Make a date with your favorite girls. Now is not the time for you to disappear.  

I am still going to Chicago so if you haven't pre-screened and/or prebooked I suggest you do it soon.  April 17-21.  I have no idea whether Eros will still be up so I have NOT plunked down $245 for a two week ad.  Yes, that's how much it costs.  And if they are not in business....I'll have wasted my money. We pay for each and every city we tour. On every site we are on.  However, there may not be many left soon.  I can only say, I hope that's not the case.

But YOU know how to find me.  I've also added another secure email for those of you who are stuck on my old one.  It's annekepleasures@protonmail.ch  Note the ch.  I will answer you at either.  AnnekeVanBuren@protonmail.com  or this new one.  I think you can figure out why I added the ch one.  The .com's  are a US registry. 

For those of you who want to see me on the trek TO Albany I suggest you also do what you have to do soon.  And for Albany.  If we haven't met...prescreen for the future.  

Life is good when there options and there always are!

Your Still Feisty and Naughty Girlfriend, GILF and Goddess,


Better on you than me.  The long hair is gone but the handcuffs are not. 

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