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Hello Darlings,

It's 37 and raining.  It's so dark it seems like twilight. A positively yukky day but thankfully it is not snowing where I am.  I shudder to look at the weather this morning.  It looks like the high peaks of the Adirondack's could be getting snow. If so, the leaves are still on the trees.  Not good!  I'd be less then honest if I didn't say I'm getting eager to leave for Florida!

It's been mostly a quiet week.  Thankfully not totally.  But when I've had adventures they've been over the top outrageously fabulous!  And kinky.  Those and Skype sessions have kept the wolf from the door. lol  And my pussy very happy.

Especially the other night. I'm not going into details...it was a very intense, over the top and some of you would probably not identify with his needs.  But Lord was it hot, hot, hot.  And so was he!

He'd arranged a long session and I promised martinis would be waiting.  I added some goodies upon which to nosh.  We were going to need our strength.  

A quiet person, so much so, that I was concerned he didn't like what he saw.  But it turned out he liked to relax and feel comfortable in his surroundings before the fireworks began.  If they did.  For those of you with experience in all things erotic you know of which I speak.  Sometimes the setting, the person, the chemistry just doesn't gel.  

But ours did. He just needed the time to make sure.   Then the fun exploded. And since we'd had adult beverages I suggested he stay the night. I did not want the fabulousness to end.  He did and it did not.  While we slept some....we also took advantage of the fire still in our veins.  Yowsah! 

Coffee and fruit the next morning and I hugged him goodbye.  Do I hope for an encore?  Hell yes! 

I was exhausted yesterday and stiff and sore but cherished every bit of it. I slept a full 9 hours last night and I'm ready to go!  The sheets are clean and I'm ready for love.....with no strings. 

My sister doesn't  really accept why I wanted to decorate the new place.  A must to make this location welcoming, comfortable and sensual.  It's as important for me as I expect it to be for my friends.  IF I were one of those who wants you to get in, get off and get out it wouldn't matter.  But it does matter to me and as a Leo  I also have to be surrounded with beauty. I've mentoned this before.  It gets my juices flowing!

So while I hunted for bargains there still was an expense to make this Upstate NY escape lovely and enticing.  I so appreciate it when you do and you say so.  However, if you are so excited when you walk in the door that you don't even notice I'm totally okay without the kudos.  Then.....let's go!!!   Your eagerness and presence is enough!

What's up for this Halloween weekend?  I have no costume planned and it's going to rain all night long.  We're in the middle of a Nor'easter.  I'm sure it's going to ruin a lot of party plans.  Moi?  I'll just tuck in and enjoy reading. 

I'm on the third of the Harry Potter series, The Prisoner of Azkaban.  Brilliant.  Who knew a children's book series would become such a world wide favorite?  Well, from the first page of the first book it was obvious this was something special and unique.  And I've loved them all..  The books and the movies.

I'm taking my car down to my sister's Monday morning for my son to do the repairs.  It's going to be a full day of work for him so I doubt I'll be available at all.  No Skype, no adventures.  Hopefully, new shocks and struts are going to make the ride back to Florida a lot more comfortable and safer then the journey up.  My body will appreciate that in a short wheel based car. Thus....the desire for the next vehicle to be a bigger one.  Can I say Red CTS again?

I will be available all weekend though.  How about planning ahead for some naughtiness?  I'm always up for some naughtiness with you. And remember,  I head south November 12th so if you need an Anneke Fixxx before I go let's get it planned.  If you along the way, let's pre-book.  See the calendar here for when and where I'll be!

Life is good.

Smiles, Hugs and Kisses,


My very first photo shoot in 2003. Girlz on Film, NYC. 







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