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Good Morning My Friends,

I'm having my coffee in my dining room/office listening to the wind howl and the rain drizzling down. It's 48. Both are bringing the leaves down in great gobs. 

Luckily there were many days this week to enjoy the vivid color in this late peek.  Some truly glorious moments taking in the splashes of red, coral, yellow, orange and golds as I've driven around the Capital District.  Breath taking and one of the reasons why I always want to be here in the fall. 

For some reason business has gone into overdrive.  I know why.  I've finally reached the state of  KNOWING I'll be okay instead of HOPING I will.  It's one of the concepts that we're learning in A Bug Free Mind.  

It's a peaceful place to be.  I can pinpoint the moment it happened but while I identify what finally cued it in I can say I had nothing to do with it. 

I can keep that peace unless I go on the Twitter home page. LOL  Like a fool I wandered on there last evening and got embroiled in a discussion about our profession with some Neanderthal who called us unskilled.   What was hilarious about the whole thing is that in the end he truly showed his bias and ignorance all by himself.  Me...I kind of sat back and watched people jump on the pile.  It was brilliant.  But that was the first thing I read upon awakening.  

Still, this course is teaching is deflect not absorb this kind of thinking and to stay at peace.  Lesson learned?  Stay off the home page of twitter.  That goes along with my decision to get rid of cable in both my homes and limit my consumption of the news.   

It's impossible to be ignorant of what is going on in the world if you are on the internet at all.  And I have to be but even then, I limit my involvement.

But I did mail my Florida absentee ballot and I hope that each and every one of you goes to the polls next Tuesday.  It truly matters no matter which way you lean politically!

Moi?  I had a perfectly fabulous day yesterday.   My pussy had so much attention I was thanking the heavens that I now use a puppy pad under the towels in the boudoir.   I was one happy camper and I think my partners were too.

Then I went out for dinner at my fav place and live jazz.  There was a two piece group, singer on a light percussion kit and a keyboardist.  I sat at the bar, my back to them and I could swear that Al Jarreau was in the room serenading us from heaven.  This guy was fabulous and my opening foray into their offering has the keyboardist using the B3 setting on his piano.  One of my absolute favorite sounds!  If you don't know, that's the old Hammond organ with the whirling speakers.  A totally unique sound and almost every great rock n roll, blues and jazz group uses it.

Years ago and I mean was a common thing to go out to hear an organist at a Capital District bar.  One favorite was Walter Stanley. Just he and his magnificent Hammond B3.  The place would be packed, people were dancing and it was a great evening. That is all gone now.  You hear the sample of that organ and if anyone knows where there is the real deal let me know.  Probably at a Elks lodge somewhere. LOL People had organs in their homes, me included and it was a big business, selling these things and folks taking lessons. All gone with the digital age.  Kind of sad. 

But life goes on and new opportunities for musical magic are everywhere.  I'm thinking about going to the new Disney Nutcracker movie this evening after a great burger at World of Beer.  It's that kind of crappy night.

That is.....unless one of you want to come over to play?  You don't have to ask me twice!

An orgasm a day, or two or three, keeps the Dr. away.  Although my new primary care physician here is 32 and a hunk.  He doesn't know quite what to make of me.  But it's his mission to keep me in top form.  YES, he knows what I do.

Life is good!

Your EXTREMELY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


ou can always see the latest selfies on my Twitter page.  Annekenordstrom is my handle. That's the old filming name I used in the beginning.  Long story. 

2010. Success!  I hope it's fixed permanently.  11/02/2018






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