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Hello My Darling Boys,

It  was in the 50's this morning but I wrapped up in my fuzzy bathrobe and had coffee on my playroom patio to the sounds of the fountain in our pond.  This afternoon it was in the 70's, dry, no heat, no air.  To my mind that's the perfect day!

I did some unpacking and then went to a friend's house for breakfast. She'd invited another friend and we all chattered away like magpies, happy to see each other, catching up on several months worth of events.  It was sweet.

AT 1pm I had a date with an old friend.  He's very adept at tantric massage and it pleases him to to that for me.  After 5 days in the car it was most welcome.  Along with a nice bottle of Ketel One and several O's.  Of was reciprocal.  The O's that is!

Then I finished unpacking what I had unloaded from the car.  There's more but I'll get to it tomorrow.  I'm going to be reorganizing my closets and my storage room while I'm here so I have an eye out to what is going to go.  It's time to sort and get rid of more that I do not need in my life.

Sometimes that has to be people too.  I've done that the last year and my life is a lot more peaceful.  Sometimes it's tough and it's painful but in the end it's for the best.  Relationships can become toxic and take you not where you want to go.  I'd rather have a smaller circle of friends that I can trust and who build me up, not tear me down.   Alexx is always encouraging us to do that and he's dead on  with his advice.  I'll miss seeing him while I'm away but we stay in touch by Messenger almost daily.  There's nothing better then having your life coach  and friend on speed dial.    

Earlier this evening another long time friend came over for Prosecco.  We go back a long way and while he's a world traveler we both cheish the time we have to catch up when we're both here.  Of course, he'll be a part of the crew for Thanksgiving here.  

Once again, if we have met in the past and you are on your own on Thanksgiving you are MOST welcome to join me and my friends for this special day.  You would be someone I've met on line if we are asked.  Plus, no one here would care anyway.  We're like that in this community.  Call me if you'd like to join us.  518 258-0866. 

I'm rested, almost unpacked and trying to figure out what to do with my evening.  I think I'm going to walk down my condo outdoor hallway and see what one of my gal pal's is up to.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,




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