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Hi My Naughty Boys,

This is absolutely perfect weather.  Low seventies, light breeze, low humity, no heat, no air.  And I have a sinus infecrion. Figures doesn't it? BUT not to the time Thanksgiving activities are over the antibiotic will have de-germed me. 

It started  yesterday while I was in Home Goods.  BOOM!  Just like that and within 2 hours I was feeling awful.  Sinuses pounding and coughing..ack!!  I did all the home remedies when I got home and rested except for making cranberry sauce, the rest of the day.  I'd already decided it was urgent care this morning.  I have asthma too now in my dotage and you do NOT mess around with that.  So armed with antibiotics and prednisone I'm already feeling better.  I think we nipped it in the bud!!!  I feel better tonight then I did last evening.  

My daughter arrives around 10pm.  Hopefully I won't pass it on to her.  She's bringing Gussie, the cutest little Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix you've ever met.  He's my "other" grandson.  Oh course, he's spoiled rotten and should go to obedience school but thankfully his temperament isn't obnoxious.  He's very loving and sweet. 

One disappoing note.  My male partner Trevor here will no longer be available for duos.  He's met someone special and it's going well.  I could not be happier for him.  He's one of the loveliest guys as well as the hottest I've ever met.  She's a lucky girl!  SO I am looking for someone like him.  Preferably under 45 and bi. With lots of class, social skills and a brain between their ears.  Size do not matter as much as a great attitude.  Fit of course. Good looking would be even better!

I made one last trip to Publix and picked up another turkey breast. You have to have leftover turkey for sandwiches and I don't think one turkey breast is going to provide that.

Here's the menu.  Of course some of our family favorites are on the menu......again!


Clam dip/chips/carrots

Olives, stuffed celery, pickles


Pumpkin Shooters...maybe.....these were a BIG hit last event.


Roast Turkey with Gravy

Fresh cranberry sauce with apricots  (this is new)

Bread stuffing with celery, mushrooms,  onions, apples, chesnuts and Italian sausage

Mashed potatoes with goat cheese, garlic and dill

Sweet potatoes...just a light topping of brown sugar, pecans and butter.  Forget marshmallows.  ACK!

Roasted Brussel sprouts with bacon

Scalloped Oysters   (It wouldn't be a holiday in our family without them.)

Good ole Pillsbury Crescent Rolls


Fresh baked Pumpkin Pie

Home made Key Lime Frozen Cheesecake Pie




I've gained ten pounds just typing this.  Of course with the antibiotics it means carbs, carbs and more carbs.  They tear me up.  I'll diet after the 10 days are over.

Biz has been great.  My Eros ad was finally put up today.  GENTLEMEN,  I know you are sick and tired of hearing this but SAVE OUR INFO SOMEWHERE DISCREET.  We cannot depend upon Eros to be around in the future.

I've reinstated my ads.  I'm also on,,  www.adultlook,com (not a fav) or of . love but it's longevity is questionable., plus others.  Fetish. and  Goddessanneke. 

 Please, please stay away from the Backpage clones that are popping up.  THIS is where the trafficked and exploited girls are.  The ads are vulgur and explicit and no girl of class would put one up.  The pimps don't care. Please screen the her name, her number and if you see nothing about her DO NOT SEE HER.  If you need a reference let me know.  I must have seen you consistently over the years or within the last year. 

Believe it or not.  almost all the upscale, great escorts I know and hundreds more around the world are on Twitter now.  For how much longer I don't know.  So save our stuff.  My account is Annekenordstrum but do a search for Anneke Van Buren and all my tweets will pop up.  I'm at 33.5K followers now.  Compared to the big porn stars...that's a blip on the radar but for me....I'm thankful for each and every follower.

I'm thankful for  Even if you just read the journal and we'll never meet.  And then there all my favorite friends over the years who always make me feel like a Goddess.  And my Skype friends.   I am grateful to be in a profession I love.  I have two children to whom I'm close,  family that puts up with what I do, two beautiful homes and a wonderful group of friends here in Florida and wherever I go.  

When I roll out of bed in the morning, a bit creaky, I'm still thankful for another day and for all I've been given.  Bless you and your family this start of the Holiday Season.

Life is good!

Love and Hugs,







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