Hi Peeps,

It's another perfect day here.  My daughter and I made the trek to my storage room. 1. drop off all my Son's tools  2. get my Christmas decorations.  When he left North Georgia to go work for my sister she flew him up and all his tools were stored at my daughter's place of residence.  She's been a caregiver the last two years and her yoga business is starting to blossom so it's time to move on.  Those tools had to go someplace else until I can get them back north. 

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner.  There were six of us and it was laid back and lovely.  My daughter and I are still noshing on leftovers but it's going to have to stop.  TOO many carbs for both of us.  

I'm feeling 1000% better.  No sniffles, hacking, sinus pain, nada.  All gone.  The urgent care place actually called me today to see how I'm doing.

However, it's turmoil at my sister's.  She was getting her heart into decorating this year for the first time in a while.  But yesterday her husband stepped on the ladder from the attic to the garage and went all the way down with it, fracturing three ribs.  My son called 911 and they were there in ONE minute.  He's in a trauma unti because they were fearful of fluid in the lungs and that is just what happened.  He must have injured his lung so they have a chest tube.  It's dicey right now but I think he will be okay.  However, their holidays just took a turn for the unexpected.

And life can be like that. Me...I was putting the frozen pie in the freezer after dinner and it slipped, I grabbed and the freezer door slammed on my left eyebrow bone.  Yep....I have a black eye.  You don't need to see a pic of that. But that's all.  However, you just never know.  And so we should all be grateful for the health we have and be a little more careful and in less of a hurry.  I do not get on a ladder when I am alone any more.  My son made me promise after I fractured my nose hanging a mirror when I lived in Saratoga.  If  you look closely in some of my photos there is a  little scar on the bridge. 

Maybe I need one of those monitors that call and you yell.  "I've fallen and I can't get up."  OR better yet, have a hot guy around more often to keep an eye on me.   LOL

I'm working on it!

I'm having a lovely visit with my daughter, the phone is ringing here but I'm busy.....with life, family and Christmas decor today.  Save some time for me boys.

Life is good.

Your Thinking About Being Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


I'm not finished with my place....just the tree.  Love it all!


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