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Hello Darling Naughty Boys,

Today is packing day for my trip to downtown Chicago tomorrow.  It's 72,  overcast,  heading toward a high of 81.  The little pond behind my condo building is drying up.  Not enough rain.  But it's a blessing for all the herons, storks and egrets looking for an easy meal.  I love seeing a white or blue heron there first thing in the morning.  If you didn't know they are harbingers of good fortune.  I always claim mine with a smile when I see them.

And so it's been.  A good week.  I miss my daughter and she says she misses being spoiled by her mom.  Isn't that as it should be no matter how old our children are?  The most touching thing she said to me is that she felt safe here.  She's had a tough row of it for several years and she's still in the middle of not the best of situations but I see growth in her and she's ready to step out and claim happiness for herself.  Not everyone else.  And that is what we all have to do.

I read this years ago....good mental health is selfish.  Ponder that one.

Which is probably why I'm still single after almost twenty years of leaving the marriage.  I'm not ready to cater to anyone else's happiness to the detriment of mine.  I did that far too long.  If someone wants to be a part of my life I still have to have my own.  And they theirs.  We do not own anyone else.  Something that I see folks forgetting when they marry or are in long time miserable relationships.  They have my compassion as I know how scary and difficult it is to walk away from one of those.  Not to mention the financial repercussions.  

I did it!  It was tough.  I was broke. I was afraid and I struggled for years until I found THIS profession.

Which is why I'm grateful every single day for my life as a Provider.  Escort.  Companion.  Courtesan.  Confidant.  Healer. Temporary Lover.  Goddess AND Girlfriend with no strings.

I'm excited about this Chicago visit.  Pre-arrangements look good.  And those are the advance ones.  Of course there are those who always wait until the last minute or the middle of the night.  I enjoy myself in Chicago and I never see a cast of thousands.  So.......if you're thinking about getting together?   Times a wastin' for the available times still left.   I'm available after 4pm tomorrow until 11 am Thursday morning the 6th.  

Then it's back to Tampa International and north to home.  Although my calendar says ?Naples I don't think that's happening.  I'm too content in my own space in Land O Lakes.  VERY content!

I have a new playmate, my friends and old ones saying hello often enough.  

Life is good!

Days end addendum;  one adventure and a half hour Skype session  today AND I'm all packed.  It was a good day and I'm taking myself out to dinner.  There is ONE restaurant really close that is not a chain.  Inconsistent but sometimes brilliant. I'm hoping tonight is the latter.  I had a spaghetti bolognese there one evening with wild game that was out of this world.  I'm always hopeful that night will be repeated!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



Holiday nails!



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