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Hello My Darling Boys,

It's another gray day on the Magnificent Mile.  The sun is due to pop out around 2pm today for a couple of hours.  Tampa is cool, 52,  with a high of 61 expected and sunny so I'm not missing suntanning weather.  Something I don't do often anymore anyway.  

Sunday was an easy and humorous trip up.  I use Southwest whenever I can and buy the early bird seating.  I want an aisle seat in the back. I know, I'm one of those weird ones.  So we're almost all boarded and this couple hurrys to the back, all the adjoining seats gone and she proceeds to try and arrange that everyone in our two rows are going to get up and move around so they can sit together.  I said, "I'm not moving." She persists and I finally said, "are you so in love that you can't be apart for 2 1/2 hours?"  The New York slipping out.  No one can move...the plane is getting ready to pull away from the gate.

She sits next to me in the middle seat. Stunning blonde. Big blue eyes, sparkling teeth.  She leans over and says,  "we're not a couple, we're business associates and we want to discuss our trip this week during the flight."  So the chat begins and not long into the conversation she confides, "I like girls."  I won't reveal more about her but we had one of the most fun conversations the whole flight that I've had in years.  I'm still chuckling about it.  Eventually I told her my profession and she was in awe. "I'm proud of you."  She was so cute I might be tempted.  lol  And I'll leave it at that.  Ya just never know what life has around the corner do you?

For some reason the flight, the day exhausted me and  I was struggling to see my last friend at 9pm.  Which turned into 9:30.  Thankfully he was adorable.  But I slept long and well that night.  

It's been a good but not overly busy week.  I've only had one no show for a two hour romp yesterday. He'd cancelled his last appt. a year or so ago with poison ivy.  So he offered a deposit for this one.  Sadly, I declined as he turned out to be nc/ns.  Our lingo for no call, no show.  He didn't even answer my early morning email to confirm.  So, I am going to blacklist him.  We will do that you know. Me...only when someone pulls a stunt like this.  Or worse. And believe me there is no shortage of those guys in Chicago.  I had two of the worst offenders try and book last week.  Thankfully they were already on my list of bad boys.  And these two are really bad.

We girls network.  We have to.  And the cops in Chicago won't help you if you get ripped off, robbed or raped. They will arrest you for our profession.  It's a tough town.  I love it but I have eyes in the back of my head here.

Luckily this is also the town for some of my favorite friends.  One who I will meet tonight for dinner.  We'd be in trouble if I lived here.  He's very special to me. 

This will be the third dinner date this week.  Monday night I went to Maple and Ash with a long time playmate. Lovely, trendy place packed full of gorgeous people.  He was struggling with big time jet lag having flown from Hong Kong, arriving that afternoon.  Our dates are always  thoughtful, affectionate and amazing.  He is a sexual dynamo.  And he still was after dinner.  We fell asleep after and at 1:45 I awakened to find him gone.  He's staying at the same hotel.  

There are not many men who will reach across a table in a restaurant and kiss your hands.  He's single, too busy with work to see often. But we try. He even flew into Albany this past summer to spend the night.  Then he was off again the next morning to who knows where?

Last night, a handsome old friend arrived with Moet Rose Imperial.  We caught up and then walked down to the Rosebud for some of the best spaghetti bolognese I've had in years.  We were able to sit side by side in a quiet corner.  Then back for a tad more champagne and naughtiness. A truly lovely evening!

Tonight, my ATF.  I asked him to surprise me for dinner. Actually all three are all time favorite friends. Aren't I a blessed girl so have so many wonderful men in my life? 

I do have a little time this morning and this afternoon and also tomorrow morning.  And that's it.  I have a 3:35pm flight from Midway.  I was going to the big Tampa meet and greet tomorrow night but I get back too late.  Next time!  

It's been a lovely week.  I love coming to Chicago but I'm also looking forward to heading back home to my own mattress and pillow.  I have a gorgeous upgraded suite but the mattress is a killer.  Still I've been very happy to be here.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Looking a litrle tired but happy.  Retail therapy at Blooningdale's and lunch at the new food court!

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