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Hello My Darlings,

It's a gorgeous day here in Florida.  No air.  My Christmas cactus is happily blooming on the corner of my playroom patio.  I have two patios.  One off each of my bedrooms.

That cactus is many years old.  The original cutting came from my Mom's.  My sister took one from that and then cut another for me 6 years ago.  It's happily bloomed every year since around Christmas as it is supposed to.  You could say there are a few green thumbs in my family lineage.  My daughter is a gardner also.

I had an absolutely wonderful week in Chicago.  The hotel was beautiful and my upgraded suite lovely.  Only the sweetest gentlemen crossed my doorstep.  I'd actually written that in my intentions before I went there.  "Only great guys in Chicago." The universe listened.  It was such a week that Dad didn't even leave any coins.  He knew I was safe.

Oh, I know the Chicago you know who called.  They are very smooth up there.  Long years of practice. But once they knew I screened that was the last I heard from them.  Or perhaps Andrea, my guardian angel, pointed them in another direction.  I know she does that. 

I didn't venture out a lot.  Just one trip to Bloomingdale's for lunch in their food court and then dinner with dates Monday-Wednesday evening.  Each and every meal was a delight.  The ambience, the conversation and company of a handsome, classy gentleman, the fabulous cuisine....all perfect. There is a pic from the dining room of my date Wednesday night.  It could not have been more romantic and he is my ATF  guy so it was perfect. 

In between I watched the pomp and circumstance of Bush 41's arrivals, lying in state, the service at the National Cathedral and my most inspired...his church in Texas.  I've sung that version of the Battle Hymn in a choir more then once and it is still one of the most inspiring and powerful anthems ever.  What a sound that must have been in that church.  

I arrived home without delays Thursday evening.  No sexy seatmates and we never did get together.  She probably rethought it or got caught up in the business training she had.  There was an empty seat next to me so it was a comfortable flight back.  Plus....I had one of John Sanders Prey books to read and the time passed quickly.

It was later when I got home so I just heated up some meat sauce and cooked some pasta, topped with my good Parmesano Reggiano.  Not gluten free but one meal is not a killer.  It hit the spot along with a nice glass of red wine.

I picked up a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau yesterday.  You must have at least one each year when it  appears, don't you think?  I'm not sure what I'll prepare to go with that.  I'm well stocked after a Whole Foods trip yesterday.  Or should we say Whole Paycheck?

We have a great one fairly close and I also picked up another dozen of the Sterling Silver roses that my dad so loved.  I do also and their fragrance filled the room after I recut the stems and arranged them with my crystal on the coffee table.

I just love my home at Christmas!  This year particularly.  And I love sharing it with my friends.

I'm not sure if I'll do a New Year's Day Open House again but I know I'll have folks over as often as I can while I am here.  It's the perfect place to entertain and the best part is that I HAVE friends to entertain.  I don't think I could possibly top the way last year's ended however.  Still smiling about that!

This morning I met with my new doubles partner Myla and her beau.  They have a sexy love nest close by and we shared an OJ and champagne and discussed working together.  Her photos are now in my gallery.  Last section. You will book us through me  only as she is  "under the radar."  It's an extra 250 for her to join us for the hour.  Believe me when I tell you she's a force of nature even though she can be submissive.  ADVANCE NOTICE ONLY BOYS! 

After meeting with Myla I went over to another friends' house for catching up and lunch.  They are the leaders of my Bug Free Mind group.  Always encouraging, uplifting and wonderful to be with.  And that is why I live here.

Still looking for another male partner but Trevor is an impossible act to follow.  I'll keep you posted.

An old Albany friend is making his way over from Orlando next Wednesday.  Can't wait!  Yes...I go there but it's a very hefty outcall donation as it's a long ride and the traffic is nuts so it can be twice as long.  I require 48 hours notice for there and Sarasota.  So...plan ahead if that's where you want me and be sure and check that donation. 

Not much else new.  Actually this week was more than fun filled and satisfying. Still I'm very glad to be home.  But I do miss my two T's. in Chicago.  

As I said, I'm a lucky girl and life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Fetish Goddess and GILF,


Monkey Business in Chicago                                         Our dinner view.  




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