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Hello Peeps,

It was supposed to be 37 this morning.  I slept in and didn't check so I'm guessing.  However, a warm front is coming in for a couple of days and it's heading to 64 this afternoon.  I think I'll put on my terry robe robe from the Chicago hotel, (I paid for it) and head down to the jacuzzi tonight.  I have not renewed my resort membership but Wednesday and Sunday evenings are free to anyone.  Well, not those who have been kicked out in the past but that's  not me.

I had a busy day yesterday.  A returnng cross dresser friend wanted a 9am.  Ack!  While I'm pleasant in the morning I move slow.  But I managed to pull it together.  Pic below.  Me and  her final presentation.  We had a fun time.  What you might not know is those who want to dress face such ridicule from their spouses and society that it's a relief for them to be able to do so at all and without judgement.  It's a powerful desire and for most stems back to their earliest years. Before 10 in most cases.

Why you ask?  I honestly don't know.  But it doesn't mean folks were abused or had role model problems. It just is what it is.  I consider it an honor that someone would want to share those desires with me.  I do love making them feel pretty and sexy and enjoy doing their makeup and lashes.  Consider this.  Ever notice how many guys dress up as women for Halloween?  No one thinks anything about it but I would bet that for many it fulfills a need that can accepted.

A long time friend from Albany is on his way so I'm going to be writing this in spurts today.  Pun intended. 


He's cum and gone. Of course, a lot more then just that.  We're old friends and we shared a beverage, got caught up on families, life and then began playtime.  We've morphed from gfe to his calling me Mistress.  Some light bondage, a bit of CBT, strap on and then just plain ole f------g.   Trust in a valued relationships allows that transition.  And it's what he wanted.

It's been impossible to keep my hair the way I like best here in Florida so I've given up and let it go curly and wild.  Pics below.  It also went on my Twitter feed and mostly good responses.  No one has said it sucks.  Of course, I used to wear it this way when I began my career as a provider and as you all know....I LOVE changing how I look.

It will be something different again soon.

Off to run errands and battle the Tampa Bay traffic. I hate doing them here.  It's such a hassle.  Albany...piece of cake and none of this nonsense.  But there's also not much else to do.  You can't have it all.  Thus, I travel back and forth between the two.  It works for me.

It's official.  I will leave the end of January.  My renters for the studio come in Feb 1 through the end of March.  Plus there's stuff to do up north. I'll keep you posted as to just what.

Not much else new.  Definitely jacuzzi.   My ornery hip will love it and ya never know.  A miracle might occur and a younger, good looking hunk just might wander in.  THAT would not happen in Albany. 

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Pretty Gurl~

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