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Hi Darlings,

Kind of chilly, rainy and gray today.  Yesterday was downpours, thunder and lightning last evening and a terrible drive for another Albany friend who drove 3 hours to see Myla and I last evening.

He's a sub with specific needs and what's more exciting than having one hot dom?  Two!

He texted me later...I've never had one date squirt but two?  Apparently I didn't the last time I saw him.  I do remember we spent most of our time with a strap on up his......well you know.

It's been a great week.  I've been busy and I had a good evening in the jacuzzi.  That is until a married guy, 79, thought he was going to do whatever he wanted with me.  I told him I was a pro domme. That didn't deter him.  Then his wife came over and when I wouldn't kiss him she snidley remarked, "oh you have to pay for that."  No, I have to be interested in the first place.

Sorry,  I'm not interested in playing with married guys who are 79.  When I'm interested in playing I'LL let you know.  It doesn't work the other way around here.  

However, I still enjoyed the jacuzzi and maybe I'll head over again Sunday night.  No, means no here.  But they all think they have to give it their best shot.  After that trip I know for certain I'm not renewing my membership here.  

Thursday evening I had a lovely visit to a new friend in St. Petersburgh.  After I headed to Eddie V's for dinner at the bar.  One guy was trying to get me to sit with he and his friend and he kept waving me over.  I laughed and said no.  He finally came to me...boys night out, both married, both swingers, both memberships up the road at Caliente.  The hot club and resort now that replaced what we used to be.  They invited me to go on with them to Ocean Prime.  I said thanks but no...and I did have to get back.  The swinger's world is a small one and I'm sure I'll see them somewhere again.  They were fun and not obnoxious like the guy in the jacuzzi.

Tonight I have a dinner date with a young guy from the swinger's dating site.  He knew who Anneke was even though I do not advertise that there.  So I'm letting him buy dinner with no promises.  He says he wants to serve me.  He's been polite, articulate and a gentlemen in his approach.  We'll see.

That is what I'm doing this trip.  Heading out of the resort and down to Tampa or St. Pete for dining and fun.  It's nice to look at attractive people dressed well.  That's Tampa!

I know, it sounds snobby but I love any excuse to dress up and I appreciate it when others do also. That's the Leo in me.

I mentioned I'm heading back to Albany January 30th.  I'll head up 75 then 85 to 95 so if you have requests for me to visit a city along the way or you let me know now before I plan my itinerary.  I'll do that soon.

I know I'll stop in Macon, one night.  Atlanta, probably two.  Greenville, SC not sure....I will divert to Raleigh only if I have advance bookings.  Possibly Richmond. Definitely Tyson's Corner for a couple of nights, maybe DC.  Then home.

I've changed some things on my donation page about cancellations.  The last minute, no show ones.  Any further considerations for another date will mandate a paid in full for the one you blew off plus a deposit for the one you want to make.  Think I'll have any takers?  Probably not but it's come to that.  

There seems to be a chicken little the sky is falling mentality amongst providers about January 1, 2019.  Some seem to think that all the advertising sites in the US, like Eros, P411, etc are going to be gone.  Me...I do not.  But just in case, save my number, website, email.  They've been working hard to eradicate us from the search engines too.  So don't assume you can google me then and all my info will pop up.  Be proactive and squirrel away my info in a safe place. We'll outsmart the bastards yet!

The holidays are here and my daughter will be also.  She gets lost too. (NO, she doesn't work with me.) But Myla does...her pics in my gallery.  Advance notice through me for duos only.  She's a hot one too!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, GILF and Fetish Goddess,






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