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Hi Darlings,

It's 66 and raining.  That's going to continue the rest of the day. Better then 18 in Albany!

Yep...just getting around to the journal.  Don't ask me what I've been doing all day but the admin and marketing side of my business takes more time then you'd ever imagine. Twitter now accounts for a lot of that.  No complaints as I'm making new friends all over the world. 

I did get a yoga session in.  Now a daily requirement.  I saw a new masseuse yesterday and she is determined to get me back on track for what's ahead.  I've had a lot of discomfort lately and it's starting to affect my flexibility.  In other words, the fascia is stuck.  If you don't know that's the sheath that covers and connects all the muscles. (simple explanation) When that gets inflamed it sticks to your muscles hindering movement and it hurts. I've dealt with this ad nauseum over the years and think I've finally found someone again who actually knows what they are doing.  Plus she added cbd, hemp oil, to the massage oil.  I take cbd daily. doesn't make me high at all.  It also helps inflammation. 

I want to be in the best shape to play and film.  And you know how much I like playing.  Why?  Well, some of you already know I'm having a total right hip replacement when I return to Albany.  That is why I'm coming back before winter's end.  I have a great orthopaedic surgeon there and so that's where it's going to be done.  At Albany Med.  I'm eager to get it done because it means a return to being able to do all the things I want to in life.  I thank the universe every day that it hasn't stopped my fun time in the boudoir.  Oh, no cowgirl for a bit but everything else is just fine.  It's walking I don't do too well.  Those of you who have seen me know that both are true.  I'm still naughty but gimpy. LOL  

It's been plaguing me for years.  Beginning way back in 2010.  Diagnosis then? Nothing wrong with my hip.  Bullshit. But the xrays are undeniable now.  Arthritis...bone on bone.  Thankfully having my legs in the air helps.  

Watch out after this is done!  Feb. 28th.  Probably two weeks off totally.  Then light duty....Skype....kissing, hugging, bbbj's, fetish role play but probably no full play until the doc says okay.  He and I are going to have a come to Jesus meeting Feb. 11.  I couldn't tell him when I saw him in June as there was a resident present.  He needs to know what I do so I can have the best outcome.  Or cumming out. Ha!

So that's it.  You now know.  Please don't stop visiting in Florida or Albany before the surgery.  I'm not handicapped and I'm still horny. Just a tad limited temporarily.  And those endorphins are a big help!

So what else?...busy, excited about Christmas.  Planning the stops on my return drive home.  I do need you to let me know if you'd like me to visit a city along the way.  

I took a trip to the famous Tampa adult store yesterday.  The Todd.  I needed some toy cleaner, lube, stockings and wanted to look at new toys and attire.  I'm happy to say I found all.  Pic below of one of the three outfits I purchased. Say...that's an idea....a gift certificate at The Todd.  Just in case you were thinking of something.  Big thanks to one of my Albany pals for the Amazon gift card.  There is SO much for everyday as well as the special treats there.

Every one of the outfits looks fabulous.  I love it when that happens.  So let me wear one for you when you give yourself a Christmas or New Year's treat.  Yes, I'm still available for New Year's Eve although I took it off my pages here.  Old friends only now.  How about dinner and playtime? I have two invitations to Swinger Events on New Year's Eve.  One, a big party in the resort and another in Ft Lauderdale with two couples.  I'm thinking I might like to head down there. They are both gorgeous.  So if you want me here....let me know asap.

Despite the gimpy hip I feel fabulous.  Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Fetish Goddess and GILF,











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