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Hello Darlings,

It's 68 right now and heading to the high 70's today.  This is supposed to continue for several days.  Time to slap on the heavy duty sunscreen and get a little bit of vitamin D.  Right now my tan is out of a tube.

I hope your Christmas was all you wanted it to be.  And now if you've had enough of family and being appropriate it's time to get back to being naughty.  

I had a quiet but nice Christmas Eve.  I prepared a lovely dinner for my old neighbor and I Christmas Day late afternoon.  The spiral ham and cherry sauce was outstanding and while he didn't touch the oysters that left more for me.  Gluten free?  Not until they are gone now. lol 

While he was there and finishing dessert my sister sent me a picture of my daughter and my ex husband.  He's had some kind of memory problem, dementia or Alzheimer's and was living with old friends of ours.  They became his friends when I left him.  That's another story.  I don't know what happened or when his move occured but he's now in a nursing home in North Georgia,  not far from my daughter's home in North Carolina.  We're really not sure how long he's been there and they never saw fit to inform his children where he was.   She went to see him Christmas Day for the first time.  It tore her apart and the photo upset my son. We spoke about it and she's on a tear now to advocate for better care for him.  She found it appalling and was furious the friends never asked his children before placing him there.

It's sad.  He's only 3 years older then I and he looks 90.  You can see in his eyes that the lights are on but no one is home.  For some reason that knocked the stuffing out of me and I sat and wept.  He was a cruel husband and cruel to his children too.  Especially my son as a teen.  He didn't lash out at my daughter until a few years ago.  He did the same to one of my granddaughters.  Now he's a feeble old man. 

It's my opinion that karma caught up with him but I've never wished that upon him. I was  just thrilled to be finally free.  But it's left my children with heaps of guilt about their feelings toward their father.  My sister said they are conflicted because their dad wasn't the person he should have been.

Alexx says my tears were understandable.  Perhaps they were for all the things we didn't have. Or the person and father he couldn't be.  Sis says he probably always was crazy.  

Today I'm okay and more pragmatic about it all.  We all expect Christmas to be perfect.  It can pull the rug out from under us when it is not.  A good night's sleep and a positive focus got me right back on track. 

I loved hearing from some of you for the holidays.  Wishes for the New Year and the season were appreciated. 

Remember, if we can't meet in person,  there is always Skype.  Please go to my donation page to see how.  Just scroll down until you see the yellow Skype heading.  I LOVE to watch too!

I'm feeling great and I think there's nothing that some hugging and kissing and a good O wouldn't make it even better.  So come on over.  We'll have some temporary romance with no strings. 

Life is good! 

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Everyday Me. 



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