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Hello My Darling Boys,

It's 81 right now, 61% humidity, sunny and lovely.  New Year's Eve was in the high sixties as I walked back from a cocktail party.  

The party was fun and the crowd was beautiful.  Like this place used to be.  But most were the volleyball folks, younger, more fit and fun.  I was the oldest person in the room.  It didn't bother me at all. 

After, I watched the ball drop in Times Square from the comfort of the king size bed in my playroom.  It's the only TV that has regular cable channels.  It's for those who rent it when I'm not there.  My living room TV is streaming only.  But no digital antenna here.  We can't get it to work for some strange reason like mine in Albany.  

Gee, that means I miss most of cable news unless I go in the other room.  I usually watch a network half hour and then PBS news hour. CNN rarely.  It's just as biased as the other one on the right. Not keeping up with the Donald makes my life a lot more pleasant. 

Well, January 1 has come and I'm still on twitter.  Eros is still up but www.eccie.net is gone.  Good riddance in my opinion!  The men there had their own little back channel where they bashed the girls and then wrote bad reviews so they could get the gals to lower their donations.  Especially in Texas.  Creeps!

Congress snuck in more new laws aimed at you right before Christmas.  We'll discuss that another time.

So what's new?  Not a lot.  It was a very quiet holiday but that is okay.  A gal pal stopped by yesterday for a couple of glasses of bubbley.  It's her 50th today.  

Yesterday I saged the house, did a goodbye 2018 ritual and left candles burning in front of each door before midnight.  Alexx says 2019 is going to be a good year for me.  I believe it. As I saged the house my hair stood on end as I felt the ritual dispell the negative and spirit aiding me.

I'm not nuts, it's a old ritual from Native Americans and other indigenous cultures in various forms.   I just dawned on me that yesterday was my Dad's birthday and that was probably why I felt something stronger then usual.  He was close.

My son and daughter are starting to bounce back after she visited her dad.  They both realize he did it to himself the way he treated his children and his wives.  Now that person is gone and the first death in the stages of Alzheimer's has struck.  What a cruel disease and I know many of you have and are facing that with families.  My sympathies go out to you.

On a much happier note,  Retail Therapy.  I'm heading to Macy's to buy a new suitcase.  Or two.  My luggage is wearing out and it's time.  Then I might take myself someplace nice for a late lunch/early dinner.  

Tomorrow I have an appt. with my genius hair stylist here.  He goes all over the country teaching for Redken.  Then  I'll take the decorations down and  get some help putting them back in my storage room.  I'm going to do a purge of the old decorations stored at the same time.  Something I'm doing in my home.  Getting rid of stuff.  It feels good. I purposely have kept the Albany apartment simpler for that very reason.  Less stuff. 

Today I'll start re-reading Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  Something I did 2 1/2 years ago.  It helped facilitate the changes I've made in my life.  Positive ones.  This time I'll use it as she intended.  As a daily read/devotional.  If you do it in that matter it takes the whole year.  

Here's to 2019 being a positve change for all of us.  Life is good!  I love you!

Love and Kisses,


No, I never put the panties on. 

Another Christmas gift. 

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