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Good Morning Darlings,

It's low sixties this morning and going to stay that way.  Fine by me.  Perfect weather on the patio with coffee. 

Biz is picking up again.  Seems folks have to get over the holidays and get back to naughty thoughts.  I'm always thankful when they are of me.

All my Christmas decorations are packed up and awaiting help from a gal pal on Monday.  Sorry to say that are neatly parked in my living room right now.  There's not enough storage space here so they go to the extra room.  It will be a happy day when I can get rid of that but that would take a major purge in my lifestyle and that new hip.  Too much right now.

I've declined an offer to be a part of a UK documentary series on sex work.  All types, from porn stars, escorts, doms, both male and female.  It's exceptionally well done and while they would have come here to film I wanted to see it before I decided.  IF I were in London I'd consider it.  I think it's just askng for trouble if I filmed here in the states with the climate such as it is.  Still, I'm flattered that they considered me.  I've seen two episodes.  It's professional and flat out honest but I sense a sadness in each of the participants.  No matter how much they say they love their profession. Alexx says, "always trust your gut."  Thus, I declined.

Filming?  After the hip recovery.  Touring more cities?  After the hip recovery.  Having fun upside down in a jungle hammock?  After the hip recovery.  In other words,  life will resume to normal kinkiness and perversions.  Well, normal for me. Can't wait!

One very sweet member here wrote yesterday after my email to you that he'd had it done in October and gave me some pointers what to do and how it all went.  Very encouraging, positive and just what I've heard from everyone else. Yeay me!

I'm doing my pre-surgical exercises and am about to get down on the floor for a yoga session after finishing this. Then I have a busy afternoon and evening.  Yeay again!   A good O or two will help even more!

Not much else new except I spent most of yesterday planning the cities for the trip home, setting up the ads I could and booking all the hotels.  For some reason, my fav Atlanta hotel stop is $529 a night.  Usually it's around 100.  Obviously I can't stay there but I will be in the general vicinity near I-85 in Peachtree Corners.  Unless one of you wants to comp me two nights at that rate I'm keeping my costs down.  Most all the hotels are high so something must be going on at that time.

I've already begun pre-booking so please look at those dates carefully on my calendar and reserve your adventure soon.  It's not practical for me to book last minute when I'm on the road. Nor safe.  If we've met I still need time.  I know work these days is demanding but please try to plan ahead. Remember that overnights, dinner dates and 3 hours or longer require a deposit.  Old and new friends alike.

Time for yoga.  Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,




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