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Good Morning Darlings,

It's 61 now, heading to a high of only 70 today. Tonight it's dipping down into the low forties.  When I look at what is coming to the Albany area tomorrow and throughout the next few days I'm not complaining. BRRR weather ahead.

I left the mink coat with  my sister so I'll stop to see her, my son and it before I take that last hour to Albany on Feb. 10th.  Even though it gets really cold at times in the Capital District I'm always warm wearing it.  Thank you pie videos!

I found out why the hotels were so high or booked those days in Atlanta, Jan. 30-Feb.1.  Thanks to a reader. It's Super Bowl weekend and Atlanta is hosting it.  No wonder.  So while I won't be as close to I-85 in the past I won't be far.  I still have lots of time available in Atlanta. So if you're going to the Super Bowl festivities early and need a playmate in the days before, let me know.  I can visit you with advance notice and a 2 hour adventure.  Screening an absolute must above and beyond those days.  You know who really cracks down on anyone trying to have fun during big sporting events.  Hopefully what happens in Atlanta will stay in Atlanta.  It seems to me they could put their man hours toward better use.  Like preventing real crimes.  If not me..please, please, please screen the gal before you contact her. 

My gal pal helped me get my Christmas decorations to storage yesterday and then I took her to dinner.  Some red wine, spaghetti bolognese and good conversation made for an enjoyable eve.

Last evening, after dinner, I joined my Creating A Bug Free Mind study group. We've finished the first book and we're beginning Using A Bug Free Mind next week.  I've seen and experienced so many positive changes within the group and myself. I'm looking forward to reading it and learning how to create more of what I want in my life. I'm already experiencing it in my business but I know I have more to learn.  It's exciting!

Today I'm heading to St. Pete for my routine check up with  my dermatologist.  Everyone who  lives in Florida sees one.  The sun really isn't our friend.  It's better to take vitamin d then to fry your skin.  I no longer sun bathe.  If I do, I'm slathered with 30 and 50 sunscreen and I'm outside more for the social contact then a suntan.  Tonight is a free night at the club so I'm going to head to the jacuzzi if my legs aren't in the air. No sunscreen after the sun goes down. :-)

Not much else new.  I'm sort of winding down things here in Florida.  Everything is arranged for the drive home to Albany.  All the Dr. appts for surgical release are made IN Albany and I'm doing my yoga and exercises to strenthen the hip muscles and my triceps.  My libido does not need a thing but the next hormone implant is the 14th.  Watch out after!

I'm thinking I'm going to head down to St. Petersburg earlier today and have lunch on the water somewhere before the Dr.  No rain is forecast so it would be a good day to do so.  If not earlier, definitely on the return.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Ladies that lunch in Paris outfit. Channeling Chanel.


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