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Hello Darlings,

It's 77 and lovely today.  I'm kind of chillin' after a busy day yesterday.  And it's just fine.

I'm counting down the days until surgery, wishing I'd done it sooner but it will be here before I know it.  There's a long haul back home between now and then and I'm going to plan a very easy schedule for myself on the trip back.

What does that mean?  So that I might give my best for everyone, I'm going to book fewer adventures in each city.  

I'm already planning my next trip back to Florida, sometime in May.  It will be hormone implant time again  so I think I'll go to Chicago first, then Houston for a new photo shoot, then on to Florida. 

I'm also planning the wardrobe and you just might get peeks of it via selfie's before then.  A gorgeous long knit halter dress, studded with sequins, pearls and metal arrived today.  It's a killer. Another "little black dinner dress" arrived also.  It has a teasing sheer slit running diagonally across my breasts, body and down to the hemline.  It's below the knee but is it ever classy AND sexy.  Of course, there will be some lingerie, something fetishy and stockings, heels and boots.  I'm thinking the lingerie should be red after the response to the red dress in the last shoot.

I received so many gorgeous outfits for Christmas and I want to shoot in them all.  I especially love those sky high black vinyl boots with the silver insert in the platform and the silver metal heel.  Hey....I have to wear something kind of slutty  or dominatrix looking once in a while.  Especially for where I live in Florida.  Once the hip is fixed I'll be able to wear high heeled shoes and boots again for walking and dancing.  Now, it's from the door to the boudoir. 

And by the way...I'll have all the new wardrobe with me on the way back to Albany. Except the leather suit.

If you like this sort of styling the dresses came from www.fashionnova.com.  The lingerie all came from The Todd in Tampa.   If you want to send an outfit you see....I'm a 1X.  The 38ddd's and the hips make it so.  I'd be most happy to take a photo and send it to you.

I'm hoping that after surgery I'll be able to get back into a regular fitness routine and drop a few.  I'd like to get to a 12-14 again.  Forget size 8's or 10's.  Those days are over.  Thankfully I don't lose my boobs when I shed weight.

The good news is that all the outfits I've purchased lately can be easily made smaller when that happens.  None of the wardrobe is expensive.  Well, except for that leather suit.  That was some $$$'s but I'll have that forever. And it's a 14 already.  I can wear that size in separates. 

I wear a size 10 in heels and a size 11 in boots.  Of course if it's Louboutin always 2 sizes bigger.  Honestly,  I'd rather not have anyone spend that amount of money for shoes again. A pair of Louboutin boots....hell yeah!  And they would have to be a size 12.  Everything they make runs really small and narrow.

Enough about clothes.  I've realized that having more time this trip has allowed me to make some major marketing inroads.  Twitter really is driving business and I'm at 40.3K this morning.  It becomes exponential as the numbers go up they go up faster.   Still always keep my info somewhere disreet. 

I've realized that while I'm alone a lot, by choice, I'm not lonely.  Through the miracle of the internet I've made friends all over the world and there really are some lovely people out there.  I'm getting acquainted with some of the top courtesans and dominas around the world also.  It truly is astonishing how many fabulous women in this business there are.  One more beautiful then the next.  Add smart and nice too.

I'll state right here....I do not like the "you owe me send money attitude" of some of these young Princess brats, as they are called.  And the dominas who seem to despise men and put them down constantly.  Hey, I know it's part of the schtick but in some cases I sense a real hatred for men.  On the other hand, they have clients who absolutely want and need to be treated like dogs, chairs, furniture, garbage. 

I'm not there and I hope I never am.  But I have no problems tying you up, smacking your ass and getting that strap on out if that's your fetish.  Just don't ask for blood play, pedophilia role play, baby play or scat.  NOT my thing and I'm not changing diapers on an adult male. 

As I grow and learn as a Goddess I have an even deeper appreciation for the fetishes and fantasies you want to experience.  Once screened, we will discuss your limits. And mine.  BDsm must be safe, consensual and civil.

Everyday someone surprises me with a new fetish or a sensual fantasy.   My life is never boring.

And....it's also good.  

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,




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