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Good  Evening My Luvs,

From Wednesday the 16th.  I wrote it and saved this and forgot to post it.  

It's 52 in Land O Lakes...not sure how low it dipped this morning.  I slept in until 9am.  And I had some juicy dreams in those morning dreams.  Love it when that happens!  Maybe that increase in testosterone from the new implant Monday has something to do with it. 

Overnight my Twitter followers went to 40.9K.  When I went to bed it was at 39.9.   There must be a lot of people who pass their time away on Twitter.  As I mentioned, it is exponential.  Thankfully, it drives biz these days.  Skype, clips and adventures booked.  

Keep an eye on these bozoos that are announcing their intentions for the 2020 Presidential race.  Most of the women are totally NOT in our corner and were directly responsible for what did happen in 2018.  Did I give you the idea that I'm not  particularly impressed with politicians of any party?  If so, you'd be correct.  I think this government shut down is a perfect example of DC's ineptitude. My heart goes out to those who are furloughed.  Especially those who are mandated to work without a paycheck. Our service men and women too. 

Obviously, my stopping in Tyson's Landing or anywhere in the DC area. Feb. 8-10 is dependent upon what transpires the next couple of weeks.  Keep an eye on my calendar.  If I cancel that visit, I'll just continue on to Albany earlier. 

Friday Afternoon the 18th.

The weather is warming and it's absolutely beautiful.  I slept in until 9am after a night of absolutely crazy dreams and nightmares.  There's a full moon and a lunar eclipse soon.   The energy is strong.

All yesterday I was a crabby bitch. It's a good thing I didn't write then.  I was confrontational on Twitter and I finally had to quit early before I caused myself damage.  

This morning that all seems to have disappeared.  Maybe that's why all those awful dreams popped up also.  Alexx said the same thing happened to him.  Wanting to smack people and bad dreams all night.  Luckily neither of us hit anyone. lol

Two lovely adventures today and after my last friend departed I got a text.  I'm going to capture it verbatim.

This was an Albany number.  All my ads say I'm in Florida. 

"it's sam from earlier u available"

Me; "Sure you have the right person?  No.  I am in Tampa back Feb. 10, www.annekepleasures.nl

Sam' "Ur a whore i pay for sex right I have the right person u selling ur services online

Just want some som pussy while my girl is at work"

At that point I stopped being nice and replied, "And you think insulting me is going to get you some of mine?  I choose gentlemen who are respectful and you are neither you ignorant, stupid asshole. So get lost!!!

And then I blocked him.   I could be a real bitch and post his number and blacklist him but I didn't. 

Thankfully this does not happen often to me.  But it happens way too often with many girls.  

The world looks down their noses at providers.  It's worse that the ones who want our services try to insult and degrade us on top of it.  Our government makes it worse.  No genuine concern for our safety, just a bunch of useless laws that punish and further put us down in society.  They don't begin to have the means to inforce them.  They just wanted to create panic and frighten us.  Except the poor Backpage girls.  Many of who are now working the streets.  

I'm pretty sure that none of you who read this journal are in that group of cretins.  You wouldn't be reading this if you were.  You care about us and our lives and what we do.  

And I thank the heavens every day for the decent, respectful men who use these services. 

Saturday the 19th

This morning I was doing the usual due diligence when I saw my Iphone had locked.  On it's own.  The password is in the phone and as I never use it for aps...long story...I was screwed. So off I trekked to the Apple store at the International Mall by the Tampa airport.  

It was mobbed of course.  But luckily I got an appointment two hours later.  Great...I headed to the food court and restaurant areas and had lunch at The Lobster Trap.   It was outdoor dining as every door and window was open.  Absolutely beautiful day.  I relaxed, enjoyed a lobster roll and walked on to Restoration Hardware.

They've built a flagship store here that is breathtaking.  Four floors, the top is rooftop and has their outdoor furniture.  Beautiful surrounding views including the Tampa airport.  That  darker gray paint you've seen in my  homes is from their paint store.  That's about all I can afford and I had Home Depot mix it for me from one of their chips.  Still, I was in heaven and there was this wonderful zen like feeling as I browsed the floors.

Then back to Apple, got my phone unlocked and backed up and then the latest updates installed.  Finally a new battery.  I absolutely refuse to pay $1000 for a new phone when I don't need one.  And I will never pay for one on installment again.  Dumb. 

I did a little more browsing in Dilliards and then headed to my favorite Korean place on Dale Mabry for Bul Go Gi.  I didn't have to cook at all today.  Just fresh coffee and frozen fruit for a smoothie this morning. 

I've upped my Aleve dosage so I'm doing a lot better.  I most have walked a mile in the mall today and it was okay.  I'm a tough old broad and Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty and Feisty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


PS...I had some new pics for you but gmail does not seem to want to upload them.  When they do show up I'll add them here.  Sorry.  You can see them on my Twitter feed.  Search for Anneke Van Buren @ Annekenordstrum.





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