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Hi Peeps!

Finally Florida has a normal warm day. 78 a few minutes ago,  70 tonight.  We've had very few of those the whole time I've been here.  That's okay, it was -31 with the wind chill in Albany this week.  And the city can't seem to get their act together and get the streets plowed.

Some things never change. Alexx lives in the city and he snow blows half his neighborhood.  The residents are responsible for the sidewalks.  I get a daily update on what is going on.  Amazing the failure of the city government.

I've have an interesting week.  One of my clients fired me.  Yep, first time ever.  Well, we really kind of fired each other.  It just wasn't working out and it is time for him to move on.  I'm thankful for the gifts that he did impart.

Monday I received a message on Fetlife from a long lost lover.  We had a torrid affair when I lived in Orlando from 2001-2002.  Yes, he was married but I went to Tampa to work.  He's now single and says he's been looking for me for years.  He could not remember to look for Anneke.  We had kept in touch for years, never meeting and my old number was over.  By chance he went on FL and there I was.

He left his number and I called immediately and last night we met for dinner by the International Mall.  It was like time had stood still except for our ages.  We very comfortably slid right back into friendship.  It was a magic evening, catching up, stealing kisses, finding out how we'd both changed and yet still had that same connection from years ago.  We both desire a friendship with someone who will have each other's back.  And that can be done long distance.  

We said goodnight with promises to stay in touch.  Seredipity I'd say.

I had a spanking session this morning and then I'm heading back to Tampa for an outcall in less then an hour.  It's an easy run down so I don't mind at all.  Coming back in commuter traffic will be another story.  Tampa is brutal.  I'll just tune in something good on Sirius and take my time. It will probably take twice the as long to come back but you never know.

I think I'll take myself somewhere for dinner after.  Our local "upscale" restaurant will be open tonight and I want  say goodbye to the bartender before I leave.  His wife's family is from Saratoga although they live here now.  It's a small world isn't it?

Packing, getting things in order for the trip north.  Feeling better makes the prospect of this journey a lot more exciting.  Still, I'm keeping the playtimes to a minimum so I'd suggest you get your Reserve Me page to me soon. 

It does not look like Tyson's Corner will happen but I'll keep you updated.  The Mexican standoff in DC doesn't look likely to end any time soon.  Shame on them all!!

For my part....life is very good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddes and GILF,



For the foot fetish guys.  



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