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Hi My Naughty or Hoping to Be Naughty Boys,

It's 48....high of 60 today.  Better then 20 where I live in Albany so I won't complain.  Only 4 full more days of Florida sunshine so I'm going to take in the balmier air while I can.

Did you ever have one of those morning when you just can't "get going"?  I feel like a slug this a m.  I've had two cups of coffee and it still hasn't kicked in.  Awful dreams last night and I slept restlessly so that's probably a big part of the reason.  I'm thinking I'll just go into the playroom and turn on the cable channel and be a slug for an hour or two. 

I'm thrilled that the federal workers, coast guard, etc are going to at least get their pay for the next few weeks.  I am hoping that you know who gets it and he'll be able to sit down and negotiate keeping the government going instead of threatening to close it again.  I've never liked Nancy Pelosi but ya gotta admit....she's been brilliant in this.  In my twitter feed I commented that I could see her in one of my domme outfits.  All leather or vinyl and ass kicking!  One Trump supporter tweeted to me that he's no longer mad with that vision in mind!

So it's the final days here and I'm just getting things organized.  I have to get my son's tools in the car trunk and trying to find help to do that.  They are too heavy for me to lift.  I think I have it covered.

My biggie today is deciding which stilettos are coming back to Albany with me.  That will be a separate suitcase in itself.  I think I mentioned I bought new luggage so I'll have some of the old suitcases to use for that stuff.  Backseat stowage since the trunk is going to be filled with his tools.  That poor little two door Atltima will be loaded.

Oil change tomorrow or Monday, road check and then nails and final packing Tuesday. Atlanta is not booking up but knowing men and football it will be last minute.  So guys....there's time available to play in all the cities heading up north.  Richmond has the most bookings so far.  Everything else is fairly open.  PLEASE don't wait until the last minute. With the government reopening I might still stop at Tyson's Corner.  I'll keep you posted. 

Now...as Dean Martin used to say..."I think I'm gonna go to the couch".  

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Gilfriend, Goddess and GILF,







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