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Hi My Darling Boys,

It's 30 in Atlanta this morning and folks here are not happy.  Compared to -14 in Chicago and 1 in Albany you will not hear me complain.  I'm taking the view that this is getting me prepared for what is to come when I return to Upstate NY.

It took me 8 hours to drive from my Florida home to my Peachtree Corners hotel.  That was including pit stops and a quick lunch so really not too bad.  There were no traffic stops until Peachtree Industrial.  Rolling into Atlanta at 4:30 I felt lucky seeing the bumper to bumper traffic heading west on 285.  

I took down the "Love For Sale" last evening though.  I was hungry and exhausted so I went to a J. Alexander's for a martini and a salad and burger.  We have one in Tampa and it's a good mid-price chain with a nice atmosphere.  I had a couple of tips for this evening's dinner from a seat mate having a beer or two before heading home.

He probably thought I was a chatterbox but sitting in a car all day by myself found me wanting to talk to another human being.  If he did, he was the  quintessential Southern gentleman and indulged me.

This afternoon will be a perfect amount of naughtiness and relaxation after.  As usual, pre-bookings have disappeared.  No matter, I'm happy with things as they are.  One friend is someone I met many years ago from Birmingham and yes, he's driving all that way to get together this afternoon.  That always makes me snile when someone returns I met long ago!

I do have some time available this evening and Skype is always possible with advance notice.  Tomorrow I have to check out by noontime and head to Greenville, SC.  It's a fairly easy drive and I'll be able to get settled in with no pressure to rush.

Please check my calendar to see where I'll be and when on this long drive to Home 2.  I still haven't decided about Tyson's Corner on the 8th-10th.  Perhaps I'll just stay one night to break up the drive from Richmond.  That's a very long day to try and get to Albany from Richmond. I snagged a great rate there and there is an Italian restaurant in Vienna that I love.  Stay tuned!

Not much else new except I had my first Phone Sex session the other evening and I found I really enjoyed it.  In the past I've turned those down left and right but I've decided, "why not?"  Session fees are still the same as video or Face Time calls.  Yes, I do those to.  In fact, I had one from Ireland the other night with an old friend.  That really was fun.

And I realized that except for those first few days after surgery there's no reason why I cannot titillate you with my voice alone.  Ah....you can't keep a good provider down!  Call and we'll be naughty over the phone!

So....see....lots of options if there's no chance we'll never meet in person.  

Stay warm, wherever you are.  I will too.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



Before a Skype date 3 days ago in Home 1.

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