Hello My Darling Boys,

Kind of a swampy day here in Richmond.  High 50's, 92% humidity.  My hair frizzes big time.

I have an adventure at 11:30 so I just dropped a bath bomb in the tub, courtesy of my playmate last evening.  He came bearing Moet and the bath products. Yep, he's a long time afficionado of us gals and he's well seasoned in how to make us even more excited when he walks in the door.  It's a courtesy that's greatly appreciated.  Especially when you are touring.  Those of you who travel for business know how challenging that can be.  Add what we do to the mental and physical challenges of a road warrior, the inherent possibilities of danger and you can understand what those little thoughtful touches can bring to an encounter.

It says, I respect you and what you do and it's a token of that appreciation.

Tomorrow afternoon is the last stop of this tour in Tysons Corner.  I switched my hotel stay to points and I'm glad I did.  It's not looking busy.  No worries....I have my mind set on that fav Italian restaurant just a few miles from my hotel and a good night's sleep.  Then one more romp Saturday morning with an old friend and I'm heading home.

I called my apartment complex a day or so ago and the maintenance folks are coming in tomorrow and setting the heat back to 70. The place will be comfy when I return.

My drier was acting up before I left so they will fix that too.  I can't say enough about how well they run our complex.  Absolutely top notch!  My landlord in Florida is out of state but he's right on top of things if I need him to be. I'm very blessed.

You are probably thinking...why in the world are you renting instead of buying.   In 2011 I short saled my Florida home.  Tampa 60% of the value in the housing market. and  biz was better in Upstate NY.

Where I live,  the housing market never fully recovered and it's not a good investment but it's a good life style.  And my accountant has advised me not to buy.  Of course, if someone wanted to buy the Florida place for me.....I'd say yes.  Then it would be taxes and maintenance on my part.

But this winter, the playroom is going to be leased for the season and perhaps for the rest of the year. Also my leasing agents will handle the private side for those they trust.  In other words, income for the rental.  My gracious landlord gave his blessing.  Of course, I take immaculate care of the place and my leasing agents will also.

Albany is a different story but it's still a good one.  It's location, location, location in business and I have the absolute best location.   Discreet,  3-5 minutes from any major interstate, 10 from the airport, 12 from the train station  and lovely.  And only a couple of minutes to most of my favorite hangouts for jazz and excellent dining.  It's all good!

But the biggest bonus in Albany is my boys.   Absolutely wonderful friends!



Well, my noontime romp was so hot it was off the charts.  In fact, he'd like to film and we should.  I think the chemistry would sizzle in any video I'd produce.  Yes, we'd met before and it was just as sexy.  

Life is good.  Tysons.... if you step up to the plate I'll gladly skip the Italian restaurant.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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