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Hello Boys,

It was 67 on the patio for coffee this morning.  It's now sunny, dry and  76.  Absolutely perfect day.

Sunday my BF and I drove up to Saratoga and enjoyed that darling little city.  Lunch at the mexican restaurant on Broadway after we visited the restored  Adelphi.  It a Victorian grand dame of hotels that had seen it's better days.  

He was disappointed that the outdoor courtyard was now an enclosed sunroom.  I was delighted with the new decor.  He's in the hospitality business with a keen eye for what works.  He knows fine cuisine and he's not afraid to comment when it's not.  I've always believed if your food is not right you should tell someone.   Thankfully he goes about it in a charming but constructive way.  Lunch was so so but I was happy just to be able to have strolled down main street without pain or a cane on the arm of a tall, dark and handsome gentleman.  One who still opens doors. 

On the way back we stopped to see his sister who lives close to Saratoga and then on to home for cocktails.  He's sexy and he's funny and we spend much of our time laughing.   The companionship, intellect and  great sense of humor, not to mention the sexiness, is just what I've desired.  

Oh....I have you darling boys.  But you go home....as you must.  

So far this week has been busy with new friends.  One from London, the other from North Carolina.  I was supposed to have a returning cross dresser friend this afternoon but business called him away.  Hopefully next week!

So last evening my new beau and I had dinner out and then spent the night at my place.  It's always interesting for me to have a sleep over.  I've been single 20 years now.  In the past...I'd always get myself entangled with someone who wasn't free.  He had to go home to a wife or a partner.  After the last affair ended in 2009 I vowed, never again.  Either my date was single and available or I wasn't meeting him.  My profession is one situation.  My personal life an entirely different one!

Sleepovers are/were infrequent....with either situation so I am just not used to sleeping with someone.  I had the ear plugs right next to the bed just in case he snored and we kept laughing about him awakening to being all tied up with a spreader bar around his feet.  We have a standing joke about the dog bowl for my subs.  I keep threatening his martini will be served in it. 

Instead, we awakened with the blanket and the sheet totally pulled out and the bed a wreck.  He's a big guy. 6'7" and when HE rolls over everything else goes with him.  I shook my head and hugged him tighter.  Too funny.

We had coffee on the patio and he went home to enjoy his day off.  Cleaning, walking his dog and laundry.  

I'm having fun and there are no expectations but it meant a lot to me when he told me that if I need him at anytime with an appointment that might make me uncomfortable, he'd drop everything and be there.  Just his size would scare the hell out of anyone.

If you've noticed the calendar I cancelled Chicago.  Just didn't feel right.  I'll be back when it does and definitely the first part of December if not sooner.

I really am emphasizing you flying ME to you or YOU flying to me.   I'm not eager to get in the tour rat race that all these girls are on as you well know.  

Not much else to tell you except I feel fabulous and I'm getting stronger every week.  I can wear my high heels, boots and high wedges without problem.

Yesterday I was able to do almost all of my yoga routine.  I will probably never be able to cross the right leg over my body again but I just skip those.  As I did my seated series I was able to do so for the first time since before the surgery.  Tears of gratitude came to my eyes.  I felt Andrea there and I also knew she'd sent my guy a nudge to contact me.

Life is good!  

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


In a Red Mood!




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