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Hello Darlings,

It's a perfect day so this will probably be a short one.  I've already gone to the cemetery to say hello to my Dad and Mom on the Father's Day weekend.   They are interred in a beautiful memorial garden near the Albany Airport.  It's highly possible this was the family land in the 1700's.  I really should find out if that's so.

I'm usually pretty cool about these days of remebrance  but today I felt him and really missed him.  He passed in 78.  That's a long time ago. So I had a long chat with them today, trimmed back the grass around their markers and arranged a bouquet of fresh flowers.   They both were gardners so it was fitting.

Where was I banned?  One of the current hot social media sites.  I was at 44.4K followers when the bottom dropped out the beginning of March.  I thought, what?  Turns out they block your hashtags from being found in a search.  Overnight I started losing members and no one new followed. 

Miraculously? I noticed lots of new followers earlier this week.  I'm now at 44.8 and it's adding up fast.  If I knew what triggered it in the first place besides being a provider, (a biggie there) I could be pro-active.  Since that hasn't changed I've no clue what I can and cannot post but I will err on the side of carefully.  It does bring business!  And it gives anyone a world stage and an opportunity to strengthen your brand.  What's mine?  The older, sexy, elegant, sometimes funny, sometimes instructive, caring and always naughty girlfriend, goddess and gilf.  Sound familiar?  At least that's what I work towards. 

It's been a busy then a quiet week.  I readied for a Skype session this morning with a guy from the UK.  He logged on without sending the gift and then disappeared.  Sorry,  no session for you.  Oh well....shower, hair and makeup was now done for the day.  

Yeah, I know...I really don't need to shower for a Skype session. lol  But I did need a shower. 

Then I headed out for flowers, cemetery, lunch at Ralph's Tavern, the beauty supply store, the spray tanning salon and then home.  It's only 2:20 and I feel like doing SOMETHING.  I know what I'd really like to do but since I have no prospects I'll go to plan B.  devil

Last evening I went to my fav restaurant for dinner and jazz.  Their moussaka is fabulous and the cocktails fine.  Back home I rewatched episode 5 of Game of Thrones,,,The Bells.  My HBO subscription ran out right after.  I don't really care about seeing the ending again.  It was unusual, that's for sure.  But fans are in an uproar around the world.  Hey folks, they entertained us for 8 years.  Get over yourself.  I still enjoyed the not so good and the great episodes!

A few moments of reading in bed and I crashed.  I'd done yoga yesterday so I was tired.  

I am rested and raring to go  but not sure what comes next.  If I get into naughtiness I'll let you know.  Not sure when I'll see the hottie again.  He's working a lot this week. 

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



New lighter blonde and cut. 

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