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Hi Peeps,

Thankfully Hurricane Dorian is finally heading away from us.  The skies were blue and sunny this morning in Richmond and have continued to Raleigh.  It's been an easy trip down.  I've mostly rested, done yoga and watched HGTV. has not been good. Eros never posted my DC ad until Thursday afternoon.  Elsewhere no one wants to screen.  Hey, it is what it is.  Someday I'll find out why this happened because there are no mistakes, just lessons learned.

My guy and  I have kept in touch with frequent phone calls.  Last night we had a Friday night "date."  Via Facetime.  Were we naughty?  Did I help him cum?  Oh you betcha.  He has a very nice piece of equipment so it's always fun to watch him with his joystick. 

 He told me he had to clean up the floor and rug from his finish last evening.  And I got to see him while he watched me with one of my favorite toys.   And then we talked long after.  It helps.

It's been a less than stellar tour and disappointing.  Thankfully I haven't had to drive through rain and wind of the outreaches of a hurricane.  Although I am sad for the folks on Grand Bahama and Marsh islands.  My little touring hiccup is meaningless in the face of their loss.  I'm going to stop bitchin'  and get back to being grateful.  For my life, him, heading to Florida and the exciting things in store for me there.  

So tonight I'm at my favorite area of Raleigh.   I'm going to have a cocktail or two and a nice dinner.   Tomorrow I head to Greenville for two nights and have a session with one of my all time favorite folks.  Years ago we went to a swinger's resort south of Cancun for 3 nights and had a blast.  It's very sweet to see old friends again and again!  One of the aspects of this business I truly love.  My one encounter in DC was with another.  

My hip is feeling good and I know that the long hours in the car have been helped by yoga.  I'm still creating and manifesting that red CTS or ATS.   I'm visualizing just how comfortable I'll be as I cruise back up 95.   

Life is  good,, my heart is happy and I'm very thankful.   Now get off your butts Florida friends and cum see me when I arrive please. 

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,




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