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Good Morning Luvs,

My apologies for missing my usual Wednesday update this week but I was up to my eyeballs in driving,  unpacking and reoganizing my incall.

It' was 78 on the patio this morning with a light breeze.  That helped the 84% humidity.  Soon I'm heading over to Lowe's for some ferns for my outdoor spaces.  Then I'm going to my girlfriend's to pick up  my Christmas cactus.  She's been babysitting it all these months.  That's a good friend.

As you might remember, I'm redesigning my play spaces here.  One room creates a darker, fetish, bdsm mood.  The other "romance."  For those of you who are  not quite comfortable with all the fetish gear, strap ons, floggers, etc I also have a sensual room more conducive to the GFE encounter.   But who's to say I can't be a girlfriend in the Fetish room?  NO one!

I haven't finished redesigning the GFE room yet so I'll post pics when I do.  You'll find the fetish pics below.  I'm awaiting the installation of the St. Andrew's cross.   Spring Hill Woodworks is making it and he messaged to say he's 2-3 weeks behind.   Not a worry.  I have the perfect spot for it.

Things got better on the trip down once I stopped in Greenville.  A very dear old friend and I met on Monday night.  As always, he arrives bearing gifts but this time one of the gifts was an absolutely exquisite sexy long black dress, made up of sheer panels and black velvet. photo shoot!

He's very kinky and we had a great time revisiting old fantasies.  He is an absolutely sweet and kinky guy who is generous in many ways in his life.  It's always a delight to spend time with him.

On Tuesday morning I packed up again and headed to Valdosta to meet another old friend for another adventure.  This is what I love about my profession.   Continuing friendships and fun over the years.  I'm a very blessed gal!

Wednesday morning I packed up the last time and as I did I thought,  "Good....I've had it. I can't wait to get home."  This time the drive time was only 3 1/2 hours from Valdosta so I stopped for lunch at Pollo Tropicale...a great, healthy Florida chain and then Publix before heading through the gate.

My cleaning gal had been there and she stopped by when I texted her I'd arrived and helped me unload the car.  My neighbor gal pal had stopped by with a bottle of Prosecco so after the car was unloaded I brought the bottle down to her place....three doors down the hall....and we caught up with life.

A couple of bottles later I walked down the hall to home and called my sweetie.  He laughingly say, "I hear the Prosecco."   I don't get drunk with the stuff.....just looser and happier.   

Yes, I'm missing him terribly but being able to talk every day and sometimes with Facetime has made the separation easier to handle.  He'll be down the end of October.  A few mornings ago he sent me a hot, hot video of him stroking and cumming.  I was so turned on and I look at it now and again.  Wednesday eveninng after the Prosecco we came together on the phone.  SO hot!

Last evening was a different experience.  I joined my girlfriend and her husband for dinner.  It was her birthday and after we went to a party their ballroom dancing school was hosting.  No, I didn't dance.  There was no way I could keep up with these folks but I had a blast watching them swoop and swirl to the chacha, foxtrot, swing, tango and the Vienesse waltz.  Simply lovely! 

When all the September birthday folks were acknowledged my girlfriend's husband sang "Endless Love" to her while she danced with her teacher....then invited others on the floor.  The tears just flowed it was so beautiful.  I'm so fortunate to have the friends I do here in Florida. 

So I'm back in my beloved nudist resot.  Old friends, let's get together.  Your place or mine.  If we've met you may call, email or text.  New friends.....please go to the Reserve Me page here and we'll plan your escape!  No texts before we meet please.  An email and a completed reservation page is much preferred.  THEN let's plan YOUR escape.

Life is very, very good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,





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