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Hi My Darling Boys,

It's been cooler and lovely the past few days.  Yesterday especially.  Lower eighties instead of ninties.  That high heat takes your breath away.  Still....better then frost in the Adirondack Moutains.

Yes, the phone is ringing....sadly the texting too.  You're probably thinking I should be happy they are texting but rarely does someone new who texts convert to an adventure.  See....that kind of thinking is probably why it does not.  I need to start saying I will have business from texts.  They will go to my website and fill out the Reserve Me page.  I WILL have adventures booked in advance with respectful gentlemen.  There..........I said's gone out. 

I are rolling your eyes. works.

What was SO cute for my afternoon assignation Thursday is that when I told him he had a choice of rooms he looked in the Fetish room and hastily beat a retreat to the Romance room.  All that black, black satin sheets, candles, whips, strapons and restraints hanging were just too much.  And the new little skull pillows with rhinestone eyes freaked him right out.  Halloween is coming.  It seemed fun to me.

But I have to remember not everyone has my sense of imagination or staging.  

Then there was my adventure that evening.  He ran right in the kinky room and said,,,,"Who wouldn't"?  That's also why there is vanilla and chocolate.  Everyone's idea of fantasy is different.  Still,  I love the fetish look. But I love the romantic french decor of my Florida place too.

Yesterday I rejoined my gym around the corner.  Tomorrow is a Fetish adventure and a spray tan at some point.  Watch out, the old me has returned!

Things are still hot and loving with Mr. Wonderful up north.  38 days until he visits!  I can't wait!

I have not been to our resort or Caliente up the road yet.  But I am still enjoying being back in my sexy abode.  Come on over and we'll look at my "Twitter feed or Instagram stats"?  That's how it is these days isn't it? lol

Liife is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess, GILF, MILF, Cougar and Sensual Domina Who Is Now In Tampa,


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