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Good Morning My Sexy Friends,

It's a bit cooler in the's been 70 to 73 on the little patio.  I think my blood is thinning out quickly as I donned a silk robe for my morning coffee.  I've never been one who considered the cold invigorating and bracing.  Just freakin' cold!

Sunday was a fun fetish session but it's been quiet since.  A two hour adventure cancelling just barely before my 8 hour cancellation requirement yesterday.   Please remember that I do have a cancellation policy now. Most reputable gals do since there has been a huge increase in guys booking and either cancelling last minute or just not showing up.

For someone who has a fixed incall it's not as much of a problem IF they did not have someone else who wanted that same time slot. But that's not the point.  The lack of consideration and respect in planning is. What really impacts is when you are on tour, paying for a hotel, the airfare/cost of transportation to get there, the extra advertising and the hours away from home when you could be doing something else.  Why I rarely tour any longer.  

I'd prefer you Fly Me To You or You Fly To Me. Or just come on over for an hour or more.

I rejoined my old gym last Saturday.  It's less then a mile from me but getting there is a different story.  It's Florida and everywhere you go there's traffic.  It used to annoy me but I've changed my perspective to seeing it as everything I'd want or need is within a short drive.   There's just a lot of other people doing that also.  There's also a whole lot more going on in Tampa Bay if you like to be busy and going places and doing things constantly.  This area certainly affords that for you.

Glass half full.

Monday morning I drove 45 minutes each way to my Florida nail technician.  I laughed when we looked at her over the top work and she said..."welcome back to Florida".'s the everyday.   She's a sexy little spitfire of Puerto Rican descent.  A bundle of energy and I so appreciate and love her.  She told me Monday that she wants to be me when she grows up.   So funny!

My beau and I continue to stay in touch all day long.   Some days are harder then others but we're counting them down until he visits.  I find it interesting and positive that we seem to go deeper in phone conversations than when we're face to face.  We kind of get distracted when we're in each other's physical presence.  Do I miss him?  Hell yes!

But I'm thankful that I have old and dear friends here to keep me occupied if I get a social itch.  As  a Leo, we have them all the time.  I was perfectly happy with my own company but meeting my beau and enjoying the companionship we share has changed how I feel about being alone all the time.  

I just might head to our club tonight as it's a free night.  I have not yet made the committment to join anywhere.  Something tells me to wait so I'm waiting.  Procrastination can sometimes help you avoid mistakes.  Or at least that's what I tell myself.  (smiles)

My family in Upstate NY is struggling.  My brother's wife is "holding her own" right now and occasionally he sees the old N emerge.   N is disappearing day by day.  Bless my sister, despite her own physical problems, she stops in to give him a hand.  He has some heart surgery upcoming and she'll help him when he comes home from the hospital.  She has to have one of her shoulder's replaced December 27th.  If I need to go up and help, I will!

Me....I'm feeling fabulous.  I've turned another corner in energy and stamina just since I arrived and I feel years younger now.  Still doing yoga and my hip exercises but added the bike and weights at the gym.  The me of the past is back!  

New hormone implant Thursday.   It keeps my libido high  and helps me to be healthier, stronger as well as look younger.  

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess, GILF, MILF and Cougar,



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