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Good Almost Noon Peeps,

It's Sunday and I don't know where my mind was yesterday.  I skipped the new moon ritual last evening and went to bed early. But this morning after coffee and quiet time I accomplished it.  My beau is out of town so it wasn't possible to do it together.

This one was different.  I saged me and the house, twice, at the beginning and the end...and usually I can sense something in one spot....this time I felt it all around.  Oh, nothing creepy or bad but I've learned to be sensitive to spirit.  Or Andrea...she's still whispering in my head all the time.   There's nothing like having a bossy, smart alecky guardian angel telling you what to do.  Oh, that's right, she takes after me.  

My home is cleaner and more organized then it has been in the three years I've been here.  Closets, cabinets and stuff that has been taking up space is gone.  It feels good.  I have a couple more kitchen cabinets to do and I'm complete.  Last is the storage room down the road but I've already made some dents there.  I have more "stuff" then any single person should have and now I have "stuff" in two places.  Yikes.

Obviously I haven't had my legs in the air.  Hopefully, one tomorrow.  Tampa old friends,  I'd sure love to see you again.

So, it's Sunday and I'm thinking I need to get out and about.  No swimming yet.  It's five days after I have the implant before I can.  Why I headed for the jacuzzi here Wednesday night. Before implant time.  It was also my yearly checkup with the anti-aging Dr. who does this.   She says things look good.  Nothing some small shifts in diet wouldn't improve. 

What a gold mine she has going but I have no complaints.  It helps me stay younger looking, more muscle tone,  higher metabolism, keeps my libido up there and it also helps for overall good health.  I have so much energy these days I'm astounded.  I need less sleep then I did when I was healing from the surgery so I think that's a great indicator of what kind of shape I'm in.  The best in a long, long time.

I had my obligatory training session at my gym Friday morning.  The guy knew his stuff and it didn't hurt that he was 6'3" and gorgeous. eyes are not dead.  He said I did well and my BMI was lower then I expected.

Yes, I've lost weight since the surgery but now I'm pushing hard to take off another 15 pounds.  I think I'm down aout 10 since then.  The 15 more won't happen before the photo shoot in Houston but I'll still be slimmer then the last one I did.  It's all good and encouraging to be stronger, fitter and slimmer.  

I have the sense that some of you think I'm still incapacitated and are reluctant to see me.  Boys, I'm ready, willing and more then able.  You are definitely going to need your vitamins when you book your next date!  

I already have most of my wardrobe picked out for the shoot but if there is something special you'd like to see, let me know.  I know I'm going to be wearing something red again!  That red dress was an all time favorite.

Life is good.  Time to get out and see what kind of trouble I can get into!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Friday afternoon...a scheduled Skype session no showed but since I was dressed I got the camera out. Feet and leg pic for the boys who love them.  Yep,  a little scratch on my leg from my long nails.  They are dangerous!  The AQnn means nothing. 


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