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Morning Peeps!

It was a soggy 74 when I had coffee on the patio this morning.   The dew point is always high before the sun burns some of the humidity out of the air.

What's on the agenda today?  Gym and weight training this morning and then I'll be available  online at Skype from 2-7pm today.    Until 10pm is available  if you plan in advance.

It's still quiet here with a Monday exception! A long tease and denial session.

Thankfully I hear from my beau during the day to keep me company,   I'm hearing murmurs from all over the country from the other girls that it's happening everywhere.  I have my opinions as to why but I'll keep them to myself for now.  One I will share.....no one wants to screen. I have calls and emails all day long and once I refer them to the Reserve Me page that's the end of it.

I guess guys would rather take the chance that the girl who doesn't screen isn't LE.  Or a rip off artist.  

Me....I'm holding out for those of you who are gentlemen and understand the nature of this, value safety and do what you are supposed to do.  What I would do right now if I were a guy who likes to visit with companions and mistresses is see old friends. 

Rumors are that Eros and Erotic Monkey is under scrutiny and won't be around much longer.  www.slixa.com,  www.rsavs.com,  www.p411.com, www.tryst.link, www.cityhotties.com, www.maturesensual.sexy will be up.  I advertise on all. 

As I've said in the past....find a discreet place to save our info and our numbers.  If YOU have a legitimate, non-backpage cloned site that you like to use let me know.  Please don't use those.  They are all bait and switch or dangerous. 

To my Albany guys...Kelly Thompson, formerly of Dallas and now Philadelphia will be visiting Albany next week.  She needs pre-bookings to secure her visit.  Last minute isn't going to do it.  I highly recommend her.  She screens. 

My St. Andrews cross will be installed next Wednesday.  I'd upload a photo of it being built but this contact manager system can't handle it. Weird. 

That's all I have for now.  I'd sure love to see you soon.  Old friends, just call or text.  518 258-0866  New friends, head right over to the Reserve Me page here for your options.  Sorry no texts for new friends. 

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty But Slightly Bored Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Monday Hijinks!


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