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Hello My Friends,

It was a tad cooler this morning and it's ONLY 89 now.  It's starting to inch down a degree each week.  Better then the frost on my sweetheart's patio this morning.  It got the mums I bought for him in August. (There's a method to my madness.) 

It's been another quiet but good week although I had some sad news this afternoon.  Years ago here I briefly dated a young black man in our community.  The perfect gentleman.  In fact, I wrote a sizzling account here of a massage under his hands one evening.  I saw him at the club on my way to the Jacuzzi a week ago Wednesday.  He gave me a hug as always and he kidded me that I was darker then he.  I'd had a spray tan that afternoon.   

He had a stroke the day after we said hello and he's been on life support since.  They were disconnecting him this morning and I haven't heard yet if he's gone.  I can hope for a miracle.  He's only his 40's.  That's much too young for anyone, especially such a sweet man, to leave this world. 

And so my friends, it's a reminder to enjoy each and every moment we are given.  To leave the baggage of the past,  people that bring negativity to you and to stop worrying about what might never happen.  In other words,  live in the now.

During this "temporary break in the biz" I've had time to totally reorganize my home, do a little decorating, get to the gym consistently and take better care of me.  It's also given me some lessons in staying in the now and being grateful for what I have right now.  A new hip, a new man, my friends here and my fanily.  I am blessed!

Luckily I've also had some fun with a very few friends and a few Skype sessions.  Last evening, one of my long time friends generously covered my photo shoot in Houston.  It is a huge gift and I'm very thankful.  I  know that business is starting to heat up again.  And I'm ready for you!  GFE, PSE, Sensual Domination and Fetishes galore!

I love being back in Florida and in my beautiful home and I thank you for your support, kind thoughts, visits and gifts.  It's allowed me to stay here and also enjoy the Northeast.  

Wednesday is the big day for the installation of the St Andrew's cross.  I can't wait!  Pics of course.

I had lunch with Lady Terrice and her beau today.   She is a master at small penis humiliation, stern control and and a kick ass sensual massage mistress.  Yes....we will be offering double dom and 4 hand sessions.  We went around the corner to one of the other big nudist resorts here.  A more laid back, no frills place but it always has great food, good service and nice people.  Anyone can go in for a two hour dining pass without paying an entrance fee.

Today is the anniversary of the premier of the first James Bond film Dr. No in 1962.  57 years of Bond.  Me....I'm rewatching my favorite Bond film, Skyfall and MY favorite Bond, Daniel Craig, tonight.  Sean Connery is a very close second.  And yes I'll be drinking a martini, shaken not stirred!

Unless...........one of my old friends wants to play.

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



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