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Hello My Darlings,

It's gray, drizzling, 73 and 96% humidity in Houston.  We chose a Bed and Breakfast for the shoot that had an enclosed patio and a pool.   I doubt we'll be out there if it's raining.  But Tina says if it's not we can always light it.  

Oh well....it's an interesting bungalow that's decorated kind of mid-century modern so I'm sure it will be fine.  I know you probably won't be checking out the decore......just me.

My flight was a tad late leaving Tampa so we hit rush hour traffic on the way to my hotel.  However, I still made it in time for my 5pm....but HE got stuck in traffic so he was late.  He's a friend from our Skype encounters so it was fabulous to see him in person.  

After, I made a quick trip to the executive lounge for a bit to eat to hold me over for my next encounter.  After, even though it was almost 10pm Tampa time I went downstairs and had a light late dinner and a glass of red wine.  

My seatmate was getting loaded and loud so I finished quickly and got out of there.  As usual, hotel dining is not the finest.  Oh well, I'm not here to have a culinary experience.

Tina called this morning and we discussed what I would be wearing and what rooms we'd film me.  She says it helps get her jacked up for the shoot.  It fun to have a lively, fun and sexy atmosphere.  I just picture YOU in my mind when I'm posing.  That usually gets ME in the mood too.

This will be the first time that I've ever done a professional shoot with curly hair even though you'd seen lots of selfies with that do.  I'm finally enjoying the look and several have told me they think it's sexy.   All good.

Maybe a late date tonight after dinner and then it will be up and out of here tomorrow morning.  I'm ready to head back to sunshine and friends.  

Monday, I did not renew my regular "escort" Eros ad.  I listed myself under BDSM only.  And the phone started ringing.  It just goes to show that it's always better to be in a niche and with less competition.  Cathy, from RSAVS offered to add that to my social media notifications too.  Now, just because I am pointing my advertising that way doesn't mean that I won't be offering the "girlfriend" or "Porn Star" experiences.   You'll always have a choice of fantasies. 

I did NOT advertise on Eros in Houston but I did place a visiting ad on Slixa, P411, Tryst and RSAVS.   I've had lovely responses from Slixa. 

Guys...if I were you I'd start heading there.  There are a delight to work with, helpful, timely and professional.  I love the layout of their ads too.  VERY classy.  And you'll see that photos and profiles are verified.  Important because there are still bait and switch ads on the upscale sites.

Of course, twitter posts are a must now.  It's amazing to see the influence our world has had on Twitter.  However, there is some guy on there that is trying to cause trouble for sex workers.  I don't understand why people just don't mind their own business.  If you don't like or approve of us, move on.  No one is forcing anything on YOU!

Wish me well today please but I am confidant that's it's going to be a great shoot and I can hardly wait!  Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



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