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Good Morning My Naughty Boys,

We have a lull in the rain right now.  It poured all night and morning and as I opened my phone upon awakening I saw a tornado warning. Apparently we had them all night long.  I slept through it all.

No damage here but parts of Tampa and Lakeland did have a tornado touch down.  So we were lucky to miss them. It's all part of the wide outer bands of Tropical Storm Nestor that is hitting the Panhandle. 

It was a good trip to Houston.  I did not like the location of the hotel.  No way was it anywhere near the Galleria as advertised but I didn't go to Houston to shop or dine.  

The shoot began at 2pm.  I was on my way in an Uber ride when I realized I was an hour early.  I never could wrap my head around the hour time difference.  So I had my driver drop me off at Pappa's Seafood Restaurant for lunch.  Really great choice.  Lovely.  I enjoyed a wonderful Greek salad while I read my Kindle. 

On to the shoot to a Bed and Breakfast that was totally unique. It's half of a duplex owned by two of the most delightful gentlemen.  The elder had worked and traveled all over the world and both units...each huge...were chock full of unique and beautiful works of art.   Rich colors, interesting angles and surprises when you turned a corner.

You'll start to see some of them soon.  She's taking her time with the editing because they are so special.

I brought the gorgeous gown that my Greenville, SC friend gifted.  As well as beautiful lingerie, a daytime dress and a fetish outfit.  We were all set to shoot in front of a fire in the living room fireplace.  Unfortunately, the owner forgot to open the flue.  Yep....smoke poured out and filled the living room, down the hallway and into the first bedroom.

I headed to the back, closing doors in my wake, while the smoke detector wailed.  I went outside to see what was happening, three times.  There was  a newly decorated bedroom in the rear of the property. The third time I walked out on the enclosed  patio a glint caught my eye.  There was a quarter that had not been there before.  My Dad had left a reminder that he was watching over me.  Again.  It's been a while since he has and it totally floored me.  I smiled and said, "Thanks Dad."

Delayed, but aired out we resumed the shoot.  Tina takes her time and we finished several hours later.  Much fun, laughs and an aching body standing and posing in super high heels and boots all day.

A photo shoot is hard work believe it or not but I love doing them.  Hopefully the next one will be within the next 6 months.  I love to shoot at least twice a year.  If you'd like to see them sooner you can always gift one, as an old friend did this one.

I returned to my hotel and had a martini or two.  Early to bed, as I had to leave early to get to the airport on time.  Houston's rush hour traffic is brutal.  Luckily we arrived with plenty of time so I treated myself to a Pappadeaux's Bellini.  I wasn't driving when I got back to Tampa.

Thursday, the Southwest landing in Tampa was a jarring, body slam.  They never make a smooth landing but all the shades were down and I couldn't see when we were ready to touch down.  When I can, I always brace myself.  This time, BAM, and I swear I was sore all over yesterday.  What a bunch of cowboys!  I'm beginning to think I might start considering another carrier in the future.  The last two trips have had incidents that were unsettling for me.

 I finally finished all of the Lord ot the Rings on the flight back from Houston. Amazon offered the entire work for free. 

As always, I fought back the tears at the end when the company parted and Frodo went off to the Grey Havens. I've always wondered why that ending strikes me thus.  But I've spoken to others and I'm not the only sap that feels that sense of loss that the story is over and their friendship is ending.   I also realized that the movies took tremendous license in their story line.  I was glad to go back and reread Tolkien's original vision although I loved the movies. 

Enough of that.  You're rolling your eyes and thinking get going with the naughty stuff Anneke.  I did have some fun in Houston and since I returned.  Never fear friends.  

I had a cool Uber driver who had always wanted to visit our community.  We had some interesting conversation about what he should and shouldn't do it he did.  

Thursday evening my cross arrived.  I walked down to help him and my neighbors were all gathered at their patio opposite the elevator.  There is no way you can miss going around them.  It was hilarious watching them as we paraded by with the St. Andrew's cross.  After as I walked him out some were asking to come up and get lessons.  lol

It's up...looks great...I bought good heavy leather cuffs for the wrists and ankles and a small whip. It's all ready for it's debut. Christening doesn't seem an appropriate word in this instance.

I'm heading to the gym soon and then my old friend from London and I are heading out to dinner tonight.  He has a keen interest in American politics and loves this country.  It's always interesting to hear his take and of course his view of the whole Brexit mess.  

Come on over..........the playrooms are open and ready for adventure.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Iphone Sneak                                                                                                                                                                              Peek.  Edited                                                                                                                                                                             versions soon.





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