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Good Late Morning Peeps,

It's cooler and drier today but forecasted to be short lived.  Tomorrow the heat and high humidity returns.  I'm enjoying today while I can and I sat on my patio for my quiet time in comfort.  Lovely!

I've had a quiet week so I have managed to get some kind of workout in most every day.  Whether it's cardio, weights or yoga.  I'm noticing I'm getting stronger and even my stride feels centered and balanced.  In other words,  a return to what was almost 10 years ago before all the back and hip nonsense began.  

I'm  truly amazed at the energy and ability I have now.  I did not realize how much I had lost.  SO it's fabulous in everyday life AND in the boudoir.  I honestly feel like I'm a much younger woman.  Thankfully I never lost my over the top libido!

This morning I've been working on the Meta tags here. You've probably noticed there is a slight shift in my marketing toward more fetish, domination and BDSM.  Why?  Less competition and I know a lot more of this art then I did when I began and it's something that I can offer for a while yet.   But most importantly I enjoy the variety of the Fetish, Fantasy and BDSM world.  HOWEVER,  I still love being your temporary girlfriend with no strings.  

Someday, I'll be taking down the Escort shingle except for an exclusive few but not the Domina for a while yet.  Skype will be around too.  The market is changing and we all have to adapt to new business mores no matter what we offer.  I haven't quite figured out what and where that niche for me is yet as a mature provider and domina who is very senior in this business.  But I will.  Not to worry though, I'm a long way from throwing in the garter belt.

Kinda keep your eyes here the next week or so.  I may decide to come back to Albany soon until after the New Year and then head back to Florida.  Yeah....that's a lot of driving.  It would sure be helpful to have a car up north but I haven't seen that Red CTS show up in either place yet. LOL

I'll be discussing this with friends and I'll keep you updated!

In the meantime,  I'm enjoying being back in my Florida home and seeing my friends here.  Tonight is a freebie night at the resort so I might go down to the Jacuzzi.  Unless one of you decides he has to have an Anneke Fixxx in person or via Skype.

Two pics below from the Houston photo shoot.  I think they are extraordinary and I'm anxiously awaiting the next 18.

Life is good and I feel fabulous!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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