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Hi My Darlings,

Another warm and humid day in sunny Florida.  I'm watching the temps up in Albany and I'm very happy to be here.  But I do miss some aspects of life there.  It's a balance of blessings.  Great things and friends here.  Great things, friends and family there. I find my attitude always improves each day as I focus on the things in my life that I am thankful for at this moment,  not the things that I'm not so fond of.

I had a late night Skype session from Sweden last evening.  This morning another from the UK.  Kansas City Thursday night.  Kind of a meet and greet  on Thursday with a thought to meet in December.  A Houston date was the culmination of several Skype dates.  It truly is an international audience.  

I do enjoy Skype but I'd much rather meet you face to face and what does happen is that it's an "introduction" sometimes for a real life adventure.  You still have to screen even if we've Skyped however.  I do NOT trust "you know who".  They are getting more savvy these days.  But...Skype is a great alternative when we just can't meet in person!

TWO NEW ITEMS.   I've changed my availability each day to 12pm to 11pm, allowing time for the gym and errands.  Of course, if you desire earlier that can be accommodated with advance notice.  If we've met I'll book late assignations as long as there is advance notice.  A call at 10pm to get together asap does not set well with me.  That smacks of inconsiderate. Nor do I offer late night when it's our first time to get together.  All you have to do is plan ahead.  There are girls on some of the sites that offer the night shift.  I'm just not one of them.

I've also made the 1/2 hour quickie available for those of you on a smaller budget or if you are truly short of time.   ADVANCE notice and screening is an absolute must!    Last minute asap requests will be ignored.  

I had a hot date with a couple I've known for years Wednesday night.  I was their first provider and we've met in Florida and in Chicago over the years.  It's just like seeing old friends and we spent most of the evening catching up at our resort having drinks by the pool.  Then it was back to the playroom for lots of fun.  If you didn't know, I do enjoy couples, FMF and MFM.

The big Halloween party here is tonight.  No, I'm not attending.  I may go to a late night screening of Rocky Horror with a live cast just down the road.  The party here is too disappointing after what these used to be.  2-3 thousand folks would cram the resort.  An absolute blast of a party.

The good news that I learned this week is that the current owner is selling the resort.  He's had it 7 years and while HE thinks he's done a terrific job the membership is less than 300.  Years ago, it was 7,000.  He didn't cause that himself, the previous owner, who was a friend of his, took it on a downward spiral before he died.  We all had high hopes that this one would be better.  

He repaired the long over due maintenance but then went on to reduce the service, closed the nights the Club was opened. closed the outside Key West style bar in the evenings, sending everyone into a cold and unwelcoming dining room cafeteria like bar and now he's even closed the Club bar on Wednesday and Sunday nights for Karaoke.  The drinks are expensive and it's an auto pour that gives you a crappy drink. 

No marketing, no viable internet or social media presence, no imagination.  No experienced hospitality or restaurant bar managers or a chef.  Higher prices and less of everything.  No younger people.  He ran it all with no experience in the hospitality industry and no personality.   I didn't rejoin.

So I'm sending energy to the Universe to find the right person to put this place back on it's feet.  I know there is someone with money out there with vision and experience who could restore the membership and the fun this place used to have!!  The place is debt free so you know it had to be making money even as a shadow of it's former self. 

Perhaps it's one of you?  Ya never know.   

The people who live and visit here have always been it's biggest asset.  They've stayed away in droves but thankfully we still get together on our own, outside the Resort.  Why I still love it here and am hopeful.

On a personal note, my brother had some heart surgery this week so my sister stayed with his wife.  She doing a little better now after a course of chemo.  He's back home but he says it was a bigger deal then he expected.  At least he made it home.  Bless my sister.  She's needing a new hip and both shoulders replaced and yet she's there helping him.  I come from good stock I think.

I'll be available until Wednesday early afternoon the 30th then off on a little vacation  until the 4th.  No Skype either.   A little escape for a generous gentleman and I!   I know I'm going to have my legs in the air!!   I will be answering email however. 

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Ready to get naked again.

Before te gym. 

Wandering around Target this week I saw this.  Cute.

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