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Hello My Naughty Friends,

Well, it's a bit cooler but a lot warmer then what you folks up north are going to be experiencing this weekend. It was 74 this morning with only a high of 86 today because it's overcast.

I had a great vacay,  lots of fun at both lifestyle resorts, jungle sex for sure and sent my gent back home Monday early.  The phone, emails, interest have increased.  Bookings for sessions have resumed and it looks great.  

I'm meeting a guy who works with Lady Terrice this Friday to show him my playroom and get acquainted.  Hopefully he'll be available to meet all the needs some of you desire.  She speaks highly of him.

Both Myla Morgan and Lady Terrice are availalable for duos with me.  Lady Terrice's speciality is sensual massage and small penis humiliation.  She's a very experienced and  stern mistress!  Myla, is the sexpot somewhat submissive  but she's also a switch so the three of us could domme the daylights out of you.

Lest you forget I will always be your girlfriend and porn actress as well as the kinky goddess and domina.  For those of you who have NO interest in fetishes or bdsm I will never point you in that direction.  Unless you want me to.  devil

I've cancelled the Ft. Lauderdale trip.  I can see Manheim Steamroller here in St. Pete or in Albany when I head up in December.  I'd just as soon play in my own surroundings then a hotel room.

Chicago, while the hotel is booked, is still up in the air.  IF I have advance bookings and deposits I'll come.  Let me know asap.

I will be here for Thanksgiving but many of my friends will not so I may not do the big feast.   It might wind up to be a small one.  But either way, it will be a feast and if you have no where to go and we've met, let me know.  You're invited too!

By the way,  I am still offering the half hour reliever with 24 hour notice and screening if we have not met yet.  Old friends, just call or text.  If I have time, I'd be happy to help you out with shorter notice. Still, best to plan ahead.  My gym time is sacrosanct!

I just crossed 72K at Twitter.   For those of you  here who haven't followed me there yet, you can search for Anneke Van Buren or Annekenordstrum,  my old filming name.  Every top escort and domina in the world is on Twitter now.  It's really the best place to search for what you want.  The variety is infinite.   Of course, I hope you'll always keep me in mind.   Your elegant and naughty, seasoned sexpert!

Life is good.  Let's get together soon.  Here, there, Skype or in your dreams.

Your VERY  Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



Another from the Houston shoot. 


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